Video Experiment Shows YouTube Stars Can Earn More Revenue With Bitcoin Micropayments

Video Experiment Shows YouTube Stars Can Earn More Revenue With Bitcoin Micropayments

Micropayments have been touted as one of Bitcoin’s main use cases since the early days of the technology, and a recent trial of the Bitcoin-powered content platform PopChest by YouTube Star NurdRage indicates that these claims may not be overblown. NurdRage has been testing out various alternative content monetization schemes lately, and a test of....

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Post Your Videos to WatchMyBit and Get Paid in Bitcoin

WatchMyBit is a new video sharing platform that will open its doors next week for initial beta testing. The platform will permit video creators to upload their videos, and viewers to view the videos using a Bitcoin micropaywall system. In other words, this ambitious project wants to be the Bitcoin Youtube, with a pay-per-view model based on Bitcoin micropayments. Also read: Bitcoin Micropayments Can Save The Arts. Rewarding video creators for their work makes a lot of sense (see the comments to our review of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin). Creative artists and producers must be able to make....

How to Double Your Income as a YouTuber

Video streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch have given content-creators a unique opportunity to earn a living from making and streaming videos, enabling them to generate revenue from the activities they already do every day. The delivery of advertising revenue based on the viewership their content attracts is a laudable system, if not entirely perfect. […]

Major Tech Youtube Channel Hydraulic Press Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Hydraulic Press Channel, one of the most popular technology-focused Youtube channel with nearly 1.5 million subscribers, has begun to accept Bitcoin donations through ChangeTip. Since the introduction of Youtube’s new policy and community guidelines, operators of channels, even major channels with millions of subscribers, began to struggle in monetizing their content. Various popular Youtube channels launched GoFundme campaigns after failing to obtain sufficient funds to support its content. The average CPM rate of Youtube videos is estimated at US$2, which enables creators to earn around....

YouTube to Delete Content of Users Who Don’t Agree to ‘Red’ Subscription Deal

On October 28th, 2015, Google will roll out a new ad-free viewing program across YouTube, coined YouTube Red. They are offering the subscription deal to viewers at a price of $9.99 per month, and they are integrating it with the current Play Music on-demand service. The new service will be replacing the existing Google Music Key, and gives users a simple....

Video - How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

Hello friends, Check out this video that explains how Bitcoin works under the hood in a very easy to understand way. This video comes from Youtube user CuriousInventor, whom has a lot of other useful videos as well. I would suggest sending this Youtube video to people that ask you about Bitcoin and other altcoins because it is much better than the weusecoin's video that still emphasizes mining. Remember that a base understanding of Bitcoin is necessary before a person can realize the potential that some of the other altcoins have.