Bitcoin Price Buckles Under Selling Pressure

Bitcoin Price Buckles Under Selling Pressure

Bitcoin price sold off after falling below its advance channel trendline. The decline is at various stages of development in different exchange charts. Potential targets await lower in the chart. Bitcoin price is correcting the prior advance, or may be in full-blown decline. In the bullish camp, yesterday’s analysis chart illustrated how bitcoin price typically returns to its 1-day 20MA prior to unfolding a main wave of advance. For now it appears that such a reversion to 20MA support at $400 is underway. In the bearish camp: let’s hope that price does not break below $400 (Bitstamp) and....

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Bitcoin’s price action as of late has been rather lackluster, with bulls struggling to hold it above $18,000 as selling pressure mounts Where the crypto trends in the mid-term should depend largely on the continued reaction to the support at $18,000 If the crypto is unable to hold above this level, it could bear witness to some intense selling pressure that sparks a move down towards $17,000 There is some support at roughly $17,600 that […]

Bitcoin Mining vs. Gold Mining: a Comparison

In the ongoing discussion about Bitcoin price volatility, one theory for a rapidly falling Bitcoin price is the fact that so many coins are mined every day. Currently, Bitcoin miners produce 3600 coins daily. These miners must pay bills, such as rent and electricity, which cannot presently be paid for with Bitcoin. Therefore, large portions of Bitcoin mining profit must be converted to fiat in order to pay expenses and keep Bitcoin mining operations afloat. This constant selling creates a baseline of downward pressure on the Bitcoin price; in order for the price to remain stable, demand....

Here’s the Bitcoin Price that “All the Key Levels” are Currently Pointing To

Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market are currently pushing higher, with bulls moving to erase all of the losses that came about as a result of the recent selloff The selling pressure seen around its all-time highs in the mid-$19,000 region was unsurprising, but it may not hold strong during the next test of this level Traders believe that today’s rebound may not last for too much longer, with the selling pressure in the lower-$18,000 […]

LTC Price at $1.79: Bullish Correction Imminent?

The litecoin price peaked at $2 yesterday. LTC/USD has since been affected by the downtrend leading the market after bitcoin's peak. Market activity has decreased since the peak. However, selling pressure is still noticeable. The LTC price struggled to stay above $1.80 and is now trading at a $1.79 level. Today's trading session began right after the peak level at $2 was reached. Large selling pressure was haunting the litecoin market for several hours after the peak. All until the LTC price fell to $1.76 which is still the 24-hour low. Volume and resistance that the LTC price experienced....

Key Bitcoin price metric signals BTC may be near a local top

Bitcoin miners are selling at a level unseen since July 2019 when BTC price topped out at $14,000. According to data from CryptoQuant, miners appear to be selling large amounts of Bitcoin (BTC). Historically, heightened selling pressure from miners marked a local top and led to sharp, prolonged corrections.BTC/USDT 1-hour chart. Source: TradingView.comWhy are Bitcoin miners selling?In May 2020, on-chain analyst Willy Woo said that there would be two sources of unmatched selling pressure in the market after the block reward halving. Woo pinpointed Bitcoin miners and cryptocurrency exchanges....