Podcast Episode 6 is Here: Interview with Andrew Vegetabile

Podcast Episode 6 is Here: Interview with Andrew Vegetabile

We sat down with Andrew Vegetabile for the episode 6 of the Bitcoinist Podcast, And discussed the Litecoin Roadmap, Their recent trademark fight, Steem, the DAO Hardfork, and more. Subscribe via RSS feed, Soundcloud, gPodder, Stitcher, or have a listen here: The podcast is in full swing again, so subscribe with whatever service you prefer, and rest assured that new content is on it’s way. We’ll be putting up new episodes on a weekly release schedule, and plan on featuring even more interviews with prominent people from the bitcoin business and development communities moving forward. The....

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Podcast Episode 12: Litecoins and Gravy

In this episode I talk to the host of Bitcoins and Gravy, John Barrett, about many things, including being a performer working for Bitcoin. Later in the episode, after The Ode to Satoshi is played, Andrew Vegetabile from the Litcoin Association comes on board to talk about the recent rise of Litecoin, and things related to the major altcoin. If you have any requests for people you'd like to see featured on this podcast, just e-mail me. Thanks!

Josh Garza and Andrew Vegetabile Set to Duke it Out

Following ShapeShift's ceased relationship with PayCoin, creator Josh Garza is challenging the associate director of Litecoin Andrew Vegetabile to a public debate, regarding the growing controversy around PayCoin and its history of "broken promises." Garza started the spark earlier this week by announcing: "I challenge Andrew to an open public debate in person online any time to discuss how this kind of action is bad for our industry and all the coins out there. If he asked the Litecoin community as a whole and had a vote, would the Litecoin users want a new place to use their coins and....

Exclusive Interview with Andrew Vegetabile: Litecoin Update

While the price and attention has subsided substantially, Litecoin has gone through a lot of the changes over the last couple of months. I’m here today with Andrew Vegetabile from the Litecoin Association to talk about things that have been happening in Litecoin in the past few months. Since our talk in Februaryregarding LTCGear, how has Litecoin changed? There have been a number of activities and events that has happened since February between major events with Litecoin itself as well as Litecoin Association news and some other miscellaneous things. As I write this, the Litecoin network....

CCN Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Chris Wagner of Spendabit

Chris Wagner. In this episode, CCN talks to Chris Wagner of Spendabit.co, the Bitcoin shopping search engine. We also talk about our recent stories: 99% of all bitcoins are owned by 1% of Bitcoiners & Spoondoolies-Tech has announced a merger with Bitcoin Shop, Inc. Also, the host has a question for our listeners, near the end of the podcast. Outstanding answers will be read in the next episode. Please post your answers as a comment here, at SoundCloud, or via e-mail. If you have any suggestions for future podcasts, such as people you'd like to see interviewed or subjects that need....

Podcast Episode 5: Did Josh Garza of GAW Miners Flee to Dubai?

In this lengthy episode, the Roger Ver and OK Coin scandal rages on, with OK Coin now saying it has proof that it did not forge anything. Are these kinds of scandals good for cryptocurrency? Share your thoughts below. Also, an interview with Jonah Dorman and Allen Shinners, two gentlemen closely acquainted with the disgraced former CEO of GAW Miners, Josh Garza. Thank you for sharing and commenting on this podcast. We do appreciate it!