Bitcoin Scam vs. Ethereum Scam: Which Is Easier To Get Away With?

Bitcoin Scam vs. Ethereum Scam: Which Is Easier To Get Away With?

With a Court in Manhattan sentencing a Bitcoin scammer to one and half years in prison, experts say it is a move in the right direction and would instill a higher level of sanity within the digital currency ecosystem. Several schemes surrounding the crypto world has taken advantage of the growth in awareness of digital currency to defraud unsuspecting individuals. With many self-acclaimed investment opportunities littering the internet, cases of scam and Ponzi schemes have become a common occurrence in recent times. OneFxZone and HashOcean are two of such schemes that have been uncovered....

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A class-action lawsuit has reportedly been filed against a cryptocurrency scam that has duped many Indian investors. The scam, promoted in three Indian languages, lures investors by promising up to 900% return on investments. The Delhi court has directed a notice to be placed in major newspapers, seeking victims of this scam to come forward. Class-Action Lawsuit to Stop a Crypto Scam in India A representative lawsuit has reportedly been filed in order to stop a cryptocurrency scam from continuing to dupe Indian investors. The Delhi court last week directed a notice to be published in....

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CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zao has alerted users about a massive SMS phishing scam that is targeted towards Binance users. The scam of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform is redirecting users to a malicious website to harvest credentials. Changpeng Zhao tweeted on Friday There is a massive Phishing scam via SMS with a link […]

BTC-e Calls Ethereum Classic a Scam

This is quite an interesting statement, as BTC-E claims their users have transferred their own ETC funds to the Poloniex exchange. The world of cryptocurrency seems very divided when it comes to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic right now. Cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e went as far as calling Ethereum Classic a”scam,” as they have no plans to support it. However, various of their ETH users are eligible to receive ETH tokens for funds stored before the hard fork took place. Will the company pay that funds to the rightful owners, or will they keep the ETC to sell it and reap the profits? BTC-E....

Unete: Bitcoin Scam in Spain Rakes in 50M EUR

A bitcoin scam in Spain has managed to convince 22,000 investors to fork over a total of 50 million EUR to the unete, a digital currency that can allow people to buy or sell things online. This bitcoin scam was started by José Manuel Ramírez Marco in 2013 and, just like virtual currencies, it was unregulated by financial authorities or the Spanish government. However, many investors soon discovered that the unetes can't really be converted to any other fiat currency nor can it be used to make online purchases. A network of tax havens and complex bank accounts were given as the reason, but....