Multisig Wallet Security on the Rise, Protecting 13% of Bitcoin Today

Multisig Wallet Security on the Rise, Protecting 13% of Bitcoin Today

Today, 13% of Bitcoin is protected by multisig technology. A growing minority of Bitcoin users employ a multi-signature wallet, which uses more than one private key to access the wallet. By using this approach, wallets are much less vulnerable to security breaches, as no single party possesses all the information necessary to decrypt the wallet. Princeton professor Arvind Narayanan tweeted about the significance of the multisig uptick: More cryptocurrency wallets offering multisig support. More Bitcoin wallet providers have recently enabled multisig functionality, as it seems to be headed....

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Bitcoin payments processor BitPay has announced that Copay, its multisig bitcoin wallet, is set to leave beta today. Copay, originally known as Cosign, aims to combat bitcoin wallet thefts by offering customisable security for businesses and individuals. Like other multisig products, a predetermined number of parties must 'sign off' each Copay transaction before it is broadcast to the bitcoin network. The app, which has been in development for over a year, is fully open-source and able to be

What's Next for Bitcoin Wallet Security?

Times have been busy in the bitcoin wallet world lately. Two hardware wallets - Trezor and BTChip - have finally shipped, and wallet security continues to mature. In spite of all this, though, people who should know better are still being robbed because they fail to add more protection to their bitcoin holdings. To tackle the issue of bitcoin wallet vulnerabilities, it's important to look at the security protections that are currently available for wallets, and to explore what work still needs to be done in the future. Multisig. 2014 was to be the year of multiple signatures (multisig),....

You Can Now Control Your Bitcoin Private Keys On Coinbase: Introducing Multisig Vault

Coinbase Vault, first revealed a few months ago, has now implemented a multisig feature that has been demanded far and wide by Coinbase's international customer base. In one fell swoop, Coinbase has set themselves apart from their competitor, Circle, in a big way. Today, Coinbase announced their Multisig Vault, which allows users to control their own private keys on Coinbase. This means that even in the event of Coinbase's untimely demise, bitcoins "stored" in the Coinbase multisig vault would still be accessible to the user. Users would be able to use open source tools, like this one, to....

Multisig Coordination Software Nunchuk Releases Its Code

Nunchuk, a wallet provider focused on “the proliferation of multisig,” announced the release of its library today. The post Multisig Coordination Software Nunchuk Releases Its Code appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

BTChip Launches Multi-Signature USB Bitcoin Wallet

BTChip has now merged with Ledger. BTChip and GreenAddress have teamed up to launch a USB bitcoin hardware wallet designed to offer multi-signature security on a budget. Named HW.1, the smartcard-based USB wallet was created by BTChip with security and user experience in mind. The device features multi-signature functionality provided by bitcoin wallet GreenAddress. BTChip founder Nicolas Bacca said the device should appeal to users frustrated with the bitcoin wallets' current security policies, saying: "We're pleased to be the first company to bring affordable banking grade security,....