Vanbex Group Presenting at Pacific Crest Technology Forum

Vanbex Group Presenting at Pacific Crest Technology Forum

Vanbex Group, a leading provider of blockchain solutions and communications strategies, announced today that president, Lisa Cheng, will be presenting at the 18th annual Pacific Crest Securities’ Global Technology Leadership Forum being held in Vail, Colorado from Aug. 7-9.

Each year this invitation-only forum gathers private company executives, technology industry leaders, and buy-side investors from the U.S. and abroad to discuss innovation and disruption within key themes in the technology sector.

The Vanbex Group is also nearing release of its product, Genisys, a blockchain-integrated payment platform for financial services and foreign exchange firms that offers a turn-key transaction messaging system for cross-border payments.

About Vanbex Group

Established in 2013 as a strategic consulting firm to better tell the story of digital currency and blockchain-­based companies, Vanbex has since evolved into a professional services firm specializing in all aspects of the industry. The Vanbex Group has worked with several companies at all stages of development, to help guide, create and market products, services and innovation.


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