Bitcoin and the Law of Conservation of Energy

Bitcoin and the Law of Conservation of Energy

In physics, the definition of "energy" is "that which allows work to be done." This means that money is energy, since it can be used to do work via payments to people. The energy in money can be thought of as "economic energy". Economists call economic energy "price" and measure it in terms of "euros" or "Kenyan shillings" and so on. But, these units are abstract because their quantity changes over time. Physicists would prefer to use units such as joules or kilowatt-hours, which have a concrete basis in physical realities of mass....

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The blockchain could serve as the foundation of a system for connecting energy grids, delivering more efficient and environmentally sustainable energy, according to, a news site for the global clean energy market. One company, L03 Energy, is building an “open source cryptographically secure” blockchain to manage transactions across a microgrid. Lawrence Orsini, the founder of L03 Energy, said the blockchain’s impact on energy could be much bigger than bitcoin. L03 Energy has built two nodes collecting generation and consumption data across the microgrid and sending it to....

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Bitcoin mining can help big energy companies produce more efficiently, increasing American energy independence in the process.

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Microgrid wants to let neighbors sell excess solar energy over a distributed ledger-based system, and two Brooklyn neighbors completed their very first transaction on the TransActive Grid On April 11, 2016. When dealing with solar energy, there is usually an excess of power than can be sold back to the electricity provider. But some people would much....

Dutch energy supplier BAS to accept Bitcoin

BAS founder Arash Azami says Bitcoin connects perfectly with his company's philosophy. Dutch energy supplier BAS Nederland allows it customers to pay using Bitcoins. BAS Nederland will be the first energy company around the world to offer this possibility. Founder Arash Aazami says that Bitcoin connects with the company's filosofy to reduce our dependence of old, limiting systems. Connects perfectly with Bitcoin. BAS stands for 'Beneficial to All Stakeholders'. The company aims to help its customers to progress towards complete independence of parties' energy. They see energy as a basic....

ASICRising new Chip Halves Bitcoin Mining Energy

ASICRising, a German start-up is trying to find investors to produce a new high-performance microchip that it says would make bitcoin mining much cheaper and energy efficient. The process of mining is becoming increasingly expensive. While mining requires enormous amounts of energy to feed the computing power and cooling systems needed to get the hashing done, ASICRising happily says it has found a solution to this problem: an energy-efficient, low-voltage chip that together with specific software will reduce by more than half the energy needed to mine bitcoin.