‘The’ Blockchain Vs. ‘A’ Blockchain: Setting the Record Straight

‘The’ Blockchain Vs. ‘A’ Blockchain: Setting the Record Straight

Incumbent businesses focus on blockchains because they see an opportunity to usurp Bitcoin without being disrupted. Meanwhile, Bitcoin remains years ahead as the most secure and immutable blockchain of them all. Blockchain is Just One Component. Nearly everyone, from big banks to national governments, has experimented with blockchains in the past year or....

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No End In Sight: Record-Setting Bitcoin Rally Breaks Past $50,000

Bitcoin price has been on an absolute tear, setting record after record over the last several months. After consolidating for weeks at a level more than double the last cycle’s peak, Bitcoin is back to making new highs and now has now traded at $50,000 for the first time in its more than decade long existence. Within moments of touching $50,000, however, sell orders began triggering. The initial rejection could suggest that the phycological resistance […]

Slovakia Sets Record Straight on Europe's First Bitcoin ATM

A Slovakian bitcoin ATM operator wants to set the record straight on the topic of Europe's first bitcoin ATM. That title is currently claimed by a machine installed in the Helsinki Central railway station in Finland. There has also been considerable media hype around a Swedish machine that was touted as the continent's pioneering ATM dealing in the digital currency. But Marian Jancuska, who operates the ATM in Bratislava, Slovakia's capital city, says neither Scandinavian country can claim the honour, because his machine was installed before either one. He said: "I am glad bitcoin ATMs are....

EU Parliament Asks “What If?” for Bitcoin Blockchain-Based Elections

Calling electronic voting “inevitable,” a new paper by Philip Bucher for the European Parliament speculates on the possibility of Bitcoin’s revolutionary blockchain technology to bring transparency, efficiency, and greater fairness to elections in its various member democracies. The paper first notes that because electronic voting is in its infancy, there are still many unknowns, but then jumps straight to the point: Now we have a further choice; to continue trusting central authorities to manage elections or to use blockchain technology to distribute an open voting record among citizens.....

Roger Ver on Blockchain's Past, Present and Future

Last week, I sat down with Roger Ver for an exclusive, hour-long interview where we discussed his company Blockchain, his team, and his vision for the bitcoin industry. We first connected after Ver came across a blog post of mine in which I dismissed Blockchain as "too understaffed and undercapitalized" to compete with the likes of Coinbase and Circle, long-term. The man, who many have started to refer to as "Bitcoin Jesus", emailed me with some objections and let me know that Blockchain had tripled the size of its team in just over a month while continuing to lead the industry in web....

Bitcoin Drops After Record-Setting Rally; Is Bearish Bias Returning?

Key Bitcoin Takeaways Bitcoin plunged by almost 5.5 percent on Monday after setting up a record high in the previous session. The one-day drop is the largest since February 10, pointing to extended intraday declines as the European session matures. Long-term sentiment remains bullish on growing corporate adoption against the US dollar depreciation. Bitcoin (BTC/USD) […]