What Would Trump Do for the Blockchain Industry?

What Would Trump Do for the Blockchain Industry?

With just over a month to go, the countdown for the most important collective decision in living memory has now begun. We present the two contenders, starting with the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, to ascertain the direct or, more likely, indirect effects of his policies on the blockchain industry, to be followed by an article on Hillary Clinton and a final position statement (if a decision is reached as the author remains undecided). Never before have we seen a presidential candidate or, really, any candidate for high office in the western world, so severely smeared to the point....

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A Donald Trump Presidency Would Increase Bitcoin Remittances to Mexico

– he failed to demonstrate his understanding of the Internet and contemporary, borderless commerce. If it’s not remittances, immigrants in the US will figure out a way to send their money home if they want to do so. For now, it’s not going to be Bitcoin. But, if Trump does block remittances, you better believe that sooner than later increasing numbers of remitters will look into this blockchain technology. Knowing crypto-currency enthusiasts, they’ll likely troll Trump with Wallcoin. Or “Wall: The Blockchain Solution That Knows No Walls.” There’s already “Trumpcoin.” Trump wants to use a....

Should President Trump Appoint Secretary of FinTech?

The next president, Donald J. Trump, has a lot on his plate over the next four years. He is still three weeks away from officially becoming the President-elect, and then another month away from becoming the 45th President of the United States. He is receiving advice from every corner of the country, even the globe, and he has a lot of important decisions to make. Might one be creating a regulator for the emerging FinTech industry? Many industry leaders think so, or something along those lines. Trump receives a letter from an alliance of major tech firms. You may not have previously heard....

Bitcoin Price Dips After Trump Says Bitcoin ‘Seems Like A Scam’

Former US President Donald Trump claims that he dislikes bitcoin because it is a competitor to the dollar, which he wants to be the world’s currency and urged US regulators to take action to monitor it. Trump Thinks Bitcoin Is A Scam Trump was asked about his opinion on cryptocurrency and the US stock market […]

Melania Trump Sells Her Own NFT To — Guess Who? — Herself For $170K

Known for her pro-crypto stance, Melania Trump, the wife of former U.S. President Donald Trump, has sold one of her many NFTs. However, according to blockchain data, the digital token was sold to the asset’s creators rather than the buyer. The NFT appears to be a part of the “Head of State Collection, 2022,” according to […]

Industry Thinks President Trump Will Be “Bitcoin Friendly” Ahead of Cybersecurity Order

According to an attendee of private Bitcoin conclave Satoshi Roundtable III, both a congresswoman and CEO of Overstock Patrick Byrne believe President Trump, mired in a web of controversy in the US and globally, will be “bitcoin friendly” — even as a sweeping draft executive order on the nation’s cybersecurity framework awaits his signature.....