The Stock Market of Apps, Apptrade Launches ICO

The Stock Market of Apps, Apptrade Launches ICO

Apptrade blockchain platform for app investments has announced the launch of its ICO following great response at Money2020 and CoinAgenda events. Read more... The advancement of technology and mobile devices has led to the creation of a whole new section in the economy, aptly referred to as the “App Economy”. It includes a range of economic activities surrounding mobile applications. Apptrade, a blockchain platform has leveraged upon the distributed ledger technology to create a system that leverages upon the app economy. Apptrade defines itself as “The Stock Market of Apps”. Created by an....

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Apptrade to Hold ICO on OpenLedger, Mainstream Investors Expected

Apptrade, recently announced at CoinAgenda in Las Vegas, and covered by Forbes contributor Roger Atkins, will hold an ICO with OpenLedger. This ICO is one of three upcoming crowdsales on the OpenLedger platform that will reportedly bring mainstream attention to the ICO method of fundraising, according to the decentralized conglomerate. Apptrade: ‘The Stock Market of Apps’. Apptrade, calling itself “the stock market of apps,” presents a new way for app developers and publishers to raise funding for their projects. According to a press release, the platform will let developers pool resources....

OpenLedger: 3 New ICOs Have Crypto ‘Going Mainstream’

At CoinAgenda, OpenLedger CEO Ronny Boesing said his company is “taking ICOs mainstream” by opening pre-investment to 3 new funding projects, all of which are unrelated to the cryptocurrency market. Three Companies to Draw Attention to Blockchain Through OpenLedger ICOs. Boesing said that the three incoming ICOs will be fore Apptrade, Centz and Beyond the Void, all of which will reportedly attract institutional investors to the ICO funding method. “Apptrade, Centz, and Beyond the Void all show applications of blockchain technology to mainstream audiences,” Boesing said. “By accelerating....

Binance Launches Tradable Stock Tokens, Starting with Coinbase and Tesla 

Crypto exchange giant Binance announced an expansion in investment offerings with the platform’s latest addition of stock tokens.  What exactly are stock tokens? According to Binance’s blog post, these tradable tokens will enable potential crypto investors to gain exposure to the traditional stock market. They are zero-commission digital tokens that are fully backed and collateralized […]

Lastbit Launches Two Lightning Payment Apps To Boost Adoption In Europe

With Lastbit Lite and Lastbit Cards, users can move instantly between bitcoin and euros via the Lightning Network. The post Lastbit Launches Two Lightning Payment Apps To Boost Adoption In Europe appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Bulgarian Stock Exchange Launches 8 Crypto ETNs

Bulgarians can now invest in crypto assets through their country’s stock market. The Bulgarian Stock Exchange has recently launched eight ETNs based on two digital currencies, bitcoin and ethereum, following the example set by leading European platforms that support such products. Crypto-Based ETNs Offered to Bulgarian Investors Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) has started trading crypto instruments tracking the price rates of bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). “Investors looking for suitable innovative crypto products may now freely trade in eight crypto exchange-traded notes....