Ahead of the U.S. Election, DopeCoin Up 10% In 24 Hours

Ahead of the U.S. Election, DopeCoin Up 10% In 24 Hours

DopeCoin is up 10% in the past 24 hours ahead of US elections in which cannabis could be legalized and regulated in all the states where it appears on the ballot. Dopecoin wants to peg your stash to cryptocurrency. This open source peer-to-peer crypto-currency is designed for a billion dollar marketplace, according to press materials. The currency proclaims: “We are safer. We are Green (Proof of Stake). We are faster than Bitcoin. We are well-established. We are profitable (10% yearly). We are anonymous transactions We are so DOPE!” Dopecoin also launched DopeMarket, where it hopes to....

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Dopecoin. Earlier this month, a Dopecoin price rise took investors on a wild into the upper echelons of the market cap charts. However, the past week has brought a dramatic price decrease to Dopecoin. Is the marijuana-themed coin just on a bad trip, or is this a symptom of a larger trend? Also Read: CannabisCoin Price Sobers Up after Yes We CANN Event. Dopecoin Price on a Bad Trip. On October 14, the Dopecoin price got high-fast-, spiking from 14 to 301 satoshis. But this rapid Dopecoin price increase was unsustainable. By the next day, the Dopecoin price had crashed back to 114 satoshis.....

DopeCoin Launches GROW Network ‘Pegging’ Crypto to Cannabis

DopeCoin, the world’s first cannabis-themed digital coin, has announced the first official Grow Network for DopeCoin, with the first grow opening in Canada. DopeCoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that’s designed specifically for the cannabis industry in order to provide a safer and faster way of doing business. Joining the Grow Network, growers will be able to peg their cannabis plants to DopeCoin. Similar to the idea of a currency being pegged to gold, DopeCoin hopes to not only stabilize but also increase the valuation of its currency unit by tying it to physical cannabis....

Altcoin Report: Monero Shutting Down Until January

DopeCoin is up ten percent, Monero will shut down through January, and Ethereum Classic prepares for another hard fork. Want to catch up on your latest altcoin news? Read the stories below. DOPECOIN. Potheads are smoking it up in celebration as DopeCoin spikes in price by nearly ten percent. The currency rose to new peaks just before national elections and states’ forthcoming decisions regarding the legality of marijuana and whether it should be regulated in today’s markets. The company is also releasing what’s known as DopeMarket, which will serve as an eBay-type platform for a multitude....

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The bitcoin options market looks to be predicting a pick up-in price volatility following the U.S. presidential election.

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