Is a Decentralized Internet the Solution to Outages?

Is a Decentralized Internet the Solution to Outages?

“Attacks that we witnessed today were possible mainly because there is a centralized infrastructure which could have been targeted,” said Piotr Janiuk, CTO of Golem, which seeks to decentralize the internet using peer-to-peer technology. “The attack itself isn’t easy to carry out, but it is obvious that even the backbone infrastructure behind the Internet contains single points of failure which are prone to such malicious activity – even though the infrastructure may comprise multiple machines. As of today, the trend is to move towards distributed solutions and the main problem is the lack....

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Golem's recently concluded highly successful ICO may accelerate the development of decentralized computing. and internet. In the dawn of recent mass DDoS attacks that disrupted the internet, rendering some of the leading websites inaccessible — interest in the decentralized internet has been rekindled. The concept of the decentralized internet is not a new thing, with innovations in the cryptocurrency sector it is now within hands reach. There are few blockchain technology companies that are working on creating decentralized internet platforms and Golem is one among them. In order to fund....

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The use of decentralized internet services like MaidSafe may prevent DDoS attacks like the one that happened recently. The recent DDoS attack on some of the major websites on the internet has renewed interests in the decentralized internet. While there are multiple initiatives concerning blockchain technology and decentralized network in development, the DDoS attack is expected to accelerate the process. The CTO of Golem, Piotr Janiuk has recently explained that by decentralizing the internet using peer to peer technology the chances of such attacks can be minimized. He believes that the....