Now’s Your Chance to Crowdfund a Blockchain Nation in Honduras

Now’s Your Chance to Crowdfund a Blockchain Nation in Honduras

“When people hear we are going to create an independent state using blockchain technology they are amazed,” said founder of Bit Bastion, Crypto Dawn. Bit Bastion, a proposed “state” with rules catered to blockchain technology, plans to launch at the end of October a ‘Land Rights Token’ crowdsale for a libertarian paradise in the free market-inspired Zone for Employment and Economic Development, a new administration type in Honduras which allows for the creation of political entities within the nation’s borders. When Crypto Dawn explains all this to me on Bit Bastion’s Slack channel, he....

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‘Bitcoin Valley’ Opens In Honduras Town In Hopes Of Attracting Tourists

Honduras has broken grounds for “Bitcoin Valley,” a project in the country’s booming town of Santa Lucia, in an effort to attract crypto investors from around the globe. Honduras is the most recent Central American nation to promote a municipality’s use of cryptocurrency as a payment method. According to a report by Reuters, a variety of […]

Blockchain Land Title Project 'Stalls' in Honduras

Blockchain recordkeeping startup Factom has issued new public comment on its long-contentious partnership with the government of Honduras, calling a previously announced proof-of-concept "stalled". In a new blog post, Factom CEO Peter Kirby spoke generally about the difficulties of working with global governments on land title projects, but also addressed past questions about the validity of the initiative. Controversy arose earlier this year when doubt was cast on a rumored partnership between Factom and the government of Honduras, which would have found the Central American nation....

Buying Bitcoin and Ether Just Got Easier in Honduras With Cryptocurrency ATM

A cryptocurrency ATM has been installed in Honduras where users can buy bitcoin and ether. According to reports, this is the first crypto ATM in the country. Honduras borders El Salvador, where bitcoin is set to become legal tender in a little over a week. Cryptocurrency ATM in Honduras A cryptocurrency ATM launched this week in Honduras, Reuters reported Friday. According to reports, this is the first cryptocurrency ATM in the country. It allows users to buy bitcoin and ethereum using the local lempira currency. The Republic of Honduras is a country in Central America. It borders El....

Factom Partners With Honduras Government on Blockchain Tech Trial

Decentralized recordkeeping startup Factom has reportedly partnered with the government of Honduras on a new land title registry initiative. Reuters reported that the Texas-based company, in partnership with title software firm Epigraph, was working with the Honduran government to develop "a permanent and secure land title record system" using the bitcoin blockchain, the distributed ledger that tracks all bitcoin transactions. Factom president Peter Kirby told the publication that discussions with the Honduran government began earlier this year. However, the company first hinted at a....

‘Bitcoin Valley’ Hub Launches In Honduras

The private initiative launched in the town of Santa Lucia, Honduras, aims to spur bitcoin adoption and invite more tourism to the region.