Could Bitcoin Break the Petrodollar Monopoly and Bring World Peace?

Could Bitcoin Break the Petrodollar Monopoly and Bring World Peace?

Could bitcoin bring world peace by disrupting the current economic order, but while also reviving the U.S. economy? To answer, we must look at oil and the existing “petrodollar monopoly”. According to one study, “capitalism is an economic structure; war is a political act”. It shows how retaining the petrodollar monopoly serves the Federal Reserve’s....

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Will Petrobitcoin Replace Petrodollar Anytime Soon?

Last year, in June 2014, Kuwait Financial Center better known as Markaz released a report on bitcoin. The report titled - Disruptive Technology: Bitcoins, Currency Reinvented suggested the use of bitcoin as a mode of payment for petroleum trade. This report caused a lot of debate among economists and the bitcoin community. Even though Markaz's proposal sounds attractive, it is not a feasible option at the moment. There are number of factors that will hinder the adoption of bitcoin as a payment mode/mechanism for international trade. Creating petrobitcoin by removing petrodollar from the....

New Experiment Allows You to Play Monopoly on the Blockchain

Just recently, a new study has been revealed using blockchain technology and the popular Parker Brothers board game Monopoly. In his study, Blocktech IVS founder and CEO Thorkild Grothe-Møller mixes innovative protocols with a classic board game that operates on the principles of basic economics. Using Blockchain Tech with Monopoly Gives Researcher’s....

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Until now, Colombians have had to rely on foreign services and exchanges in order to buy and sell Bitcoins. The problematic nature of this was illustrated best by the failure of Tokyo-based exchange Mt. Gox many moons ago. Regardless of whether you trust a foreign exchange are not, in the event that you lose your money, your options for recuperation are limited. Enter CriptoBanco, a trading platform launched by Merkabahnk with the help of Mimetic Markets. It has a wallet hosted by the world leader in cryptocurrency security, BitGo, who, as we recently reported, now offers the additional....