Bitfinex Bail-In Versus Central Bank Bailouts

Bitfinex Bail-In Versus Central Bank Bailouts

Bitfinex’s “bail-in” scheme after a major theft raised questions regarding its risk and fund management. What can we learn from the recent bail-in event? To answer, a look at the result of the bail-in, and how it differs from central bank bailouts is necessary. With central bank bailout schemes in place around the world, many who are new to the concept....

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A Sacrifice to the Cult of Fiat. The bail-in of Cyprus, when Cypriots were essentially mugged by their own government, remains a grim reminder of the fiat system's extreme dysfunction. Where families and businesses can be ruined overnight to support a corrupt banking sector, something is clearly amiss. And the problem is far from isolated to Cyprus, with bail-ins now the "template" for resolving bank failures across Europe and much of the developed world. Indeed, the EU just agreed to the creation of a central agency to administer future bail-ins. The Next Banking Shock for Cyprus... And....

Central Bank Monetary Policy Will Do More Harm Than Good

Forecasting how the global economy will evolve is becoming all but pointless. Anyone can create their own forecast and be right up to a certain extent, but the long-run scenario is impossible to guesstimate right now. Bitcoin users have no love lost for central bankers, and vice versa. Many central banks use rather unconventional monetary policy tools, which is causing friction within the banking sector itself. Something will have to change, as the advantages of Bitcoin and digital currency over central banks become more apparent every day. When people in the Bitcoin world hear the term....

Report: Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles out of Jail on Bail

Mark Karpeles, CEO of now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox has been released on bail from a detention house in Tokyo, according to a local report. A news report by local Japanese media outlet news24 has revealed that Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles paid ¥10 million (approximately $95k) to be released on bail from a Tokyo detention house. Karpeles has been granted bail with the condition that he prohibited from leaving Japan. This developing story will be updated.

US Bail Funds Are Seeing an Uptick in Cryptocurrency Donations

The Bail Project, Chicago Community Bond Fund and Nashville Community Bail Fund take cryptocurrency donations not just in BTC, but also ETH and even BAT.

Karpeles Out on Bail – Now What?

In what must have been the story of the 1st half of 2015, Mt. Gox faced closure and bankruptcy under the direction of Mark Karpeles following a long stint of halted cash withdrawals and the resulting lockdown of Bitcoin withdrawals. As such, it isn’t hard to imagine that he had been taken into police custody in the following months due to suspected embezzlement. According to News24 Karpeles is expected to have paid just under 90K USD or 10M Yen to the Tokyo District Court thus securing bail and has left police custody on the condition that he will not flee the country of Japan. Speculation....