Exclusive Interview With ‘Blockchain Company of the Year’ Host Bitcoin PR Buzz

Exclusive Interview With ‘Blockchain Company of the Year’ Host Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz, the first press release distributor on the market to cater exclusively to cryptocurrency clients, is hosting the first ever “Blockchain Company of the Year” award. The winner, to be decided through a community voting competition, will receive a 1 BTC prize, and PR worth over $897. The competition is already open for both voters and participants and will run until January 20, 2017. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals alike can participate in the contest at – www.bitcoinprbuzz.com/blockchain-company-of-the-year-2016. NewsBTC had a sit down with Johanna, COO and....

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Exclusive Launch Interview with Betmoose: User-Driven Betting Exchange. Looking for money and have a hunch? We’re not advocating betting, but maybe that’s your calling. After I got a quick response from Lucky House Writing, Betmoose also sent me a reply (with some detailed answers, so expect a long one) and accepted the chance for an interview. Betmoose is a company that lives in the cloud, with a team based out in Canada. Adam (assumedly CEO/founder, did not state), is from a Fortune 500 company while the rest of his team comes from other startups. They run out of their own pocket, but....

Exclusive Interview with Professor Emin Gün Sirer

We have prepared an exclusive interview with Professor Emin Gün Sirer, a revered and highly educated personality in the digital currencies sphere since its beginning. His work has been on our agenda for quite some time now and we were looking forward to get an exclusive approach with him; his remarkable work in peer-to-peer technology and the hacking scene has not come unnoticed. Also, his articles over the digital currency field are indeed a reference. He has been in the front of Bitcoin discussion and his opinion is of great importance for the community. Now, for the interview:

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Storj is today's Random Coin of the Day as it offers decentralized file storage. Users earn Storj coins by offering the extra space on their hard drive for Storj's file storage. People who host their files on Storj are the only ones who may access their files as it depends on the same blockchain technology every coin relies on for its security. MetaDisk is being developed for people looking for cloud storage, and DriveShare is being developed for those who wish to offer their hard drive space for the Storj network in exchange for Storjcoins. Storj Exclusive Interview. I conducted an....

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Last week, I sat down with Roger Ver for an exclusive, hour-long interview where we discussed his company Blockchain, his team, and his vision for the bitcoin industry. We first connected after Ver came across a blog post of mine in which I dismissed Blockchain as "too understaffed and undercapitalized" to compete with the likes of Coinbase and Circle, long-term. The man, who many have started to refer to as "Bitcoin Jesus", emailed me with some objections and let me know that Blockchain had tripled the size of its team in just over a month while continuing to lead the industry in web....

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Ethereum’s second layer solution Polygon has been selected to participate in an exclusive entrepreneurial program. Launched by The Walt Disney Company, the blockchain-based project is this year’s only crypto company selected to participate in the 2021 Disney Accelerator Program. Related Reading | KuCoin CEO Refutes Massive Layoff Rumors Instead Plans To Hire More Staff This initiative […]