Asia’s Fintech Race: Trends, Regulations, Lessons For The West

Asia’s Fintech Race: Trends, Regulations, Lessons For The West

Asian fintech companies continue their growth and overseas expansion. The Chinese fintech firm Ant Financials’ payment arm Alipay has recently started partnering with Finnish mobile payment provider ePassi to launch mobile payments for shopping and services on Finnair’s flights, therefore, marking a significant milestone in the development of mobile payment services in air. Alexander Yin, chief financial officer of TCG, the parent company of the Finnish mobile payment provider ePassi, said: "In the fintech and mobile Internet sectors, China is a global leader thanks to business,....

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Microsoft And Amis Launch Asia’s First Blockchain Consortium

Considering how Microsoft has partnered with various local banks in the past, it seems logical they will become part of the consortium. Blockchain technology is destined to make a significant impact all over the world. Up until this point, very few projects were conducted in the Asian part of the world. But fintech is slowly transforming the financial services industry, and Asian countries don’t want to be left out. Microsoft and Amis announced Asia’s first blockchain consortium this morning, which will put DLT on the map in that region. Ever since Microsoft ventured into the....

Bitcoin Market Continues to Slip Away from Hong Kong

The Bitcoin businesses in Hong Kong are finding it difficult to navigate through complex regulations, damaging the region's cryptocurrency ecosystem. Hong Kong is one of the Asia’s finest fintech destinations. But the same can’t be said for the Bitcoin market anymore. According to a recent article in one of the leading Chinese dailies, Bitcoin businesses are slowly dying in the region. Once considered a prolific market for cryptocurrencies, the sector has since then been stifled by strict regulations and red tape. Entrepreneurs in the digital currency industry who once flocked to Hong Kong....

Malaysian Central Bank Focuses on Adapting FinTech Regulation

Malaysia is one of the most recent countries to look at its current regulatory guidelines and come up with changes to take part of the FinTech revolution. Keeping in mind how Bitcoin is a part of FinTech as well, these changes will have a rippling effect on cryptocurrency adoption. FinTech Regulation is a Double-edged Sword. Various countries around the....

Canada's First Fintech and Banking Innovation Conference is Coming to Vancouver

On June 3, 2015, Vancouver, British Columbia, will host “Digital Finance 2015,” Canada’s first fintech and banking innovation conference, at the Vancouver Club on West Hastings in the city’s trendy West End.Digital Finance 2015 will feature two keynote speakers: Peter Vander Auwera, co-founder of Innotribe innovation will talk about Innovation in banking: from tactics to strategy. Sam Maule, emerging payments expert with Carlisle & Gallagher, and one of the top innovation influencers will talk about FinTech's Disruptive Force in Banking.

Charting Asia’s Dominant FinTech Frontier

Asia looks poised to continue its trajectory towards digital dominance, says the co-founder of Zilliqa.