Porsche Startup Contest Appeals To “Blockchain-Focused” CEOs

Porsche Startup Contest Appeals To “Blockchain-Focused” CEOs

Porsche has announced it will host its first ever Blockchain competition for startups in the form of the Porsche Innovation Contest. The event, which the company says is specifically geared to “founders focusing on blockchain technology,” is open for applications until May 15. A release about the contest states the following about the German car giant’s initial foray into the Blockchain startup world: “Porsche aims to obtain external input on the disruptive potential of the blockchain transaction system by collaborating with the start-up scene. The central question is to what extent the....

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Porsche Invites Startups For €25,000 Blockchain Disruption Contest

German automaker Porsche is seeking founders and startups in the blockchain industry to participate in a contest as it seeks to explore blockchain solutions for the company. Announced this month, the Porsche Innovation Contest is luring developers and startups in the blockchain space with prize money and possible participation in an accelerator program. It is the first clear indicator of the sports car manufacturer’s interest in the innovative technology. Notably, the path taken by the auto manufacturer is to engage startups in the industry rather than the path taken by other industry....

Porsche Enters NFT Market Launching Trading Card Platform Fanzone

Porsche, the German carmaker, is diversifying to digital markets through the launch of Fanzone, an NFT-based trading card market. Fanzone, built by Forward31, a Porsche company builder, seeks to capitalize on classic trading card demand. At the same time, Fanzone tries to combine this classical market with the NFT craze to offer digital products. Porsche Launches NFT-Based Trading Card Platform Fanzone Porsche, the German luxury car brand, is now dabbling in NTF markets. The brand just launched an NFT-based trading card platform called Fanzone, where users will be able to purchase and....

Porsche Auctioning Design Sketch As A Digital & Physical NFT

NFTs have been hitting the racetrack this year in full force, and Porsche is the latest brand to hit the road. Our team at Bitcoinist has covered a substantial amount of crypto automotive activity in 2021. In just recent months, we’ve seen the Indy 500’s Bitcoin racecar, Crypto.com’s partnership with Formula 1, and more. Porsche […]

Porsche to Sell Exclusive Design Sketch as Non-Fungible Token

Porsche has announced its first NFT auction following the recent launch of the token-based Fanzone platform. The German high-performance car maker will sell a unique design sketch as part of the pilot project. The proceeds will be used to fund a noble cause. Porsche to Auction NFT of New Design by Peter Varga German sports car manufacturer Porsche is launching a pilot project for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Between Aug. 2 and 6, collectors and fans will be able to participate in an auction to buy an exclusive design sketch by Porsche Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga as an NFT, the....

Maryland Porsche Dealer Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

BitPay announced that a Porsche dealer in the Baltimore region is now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for its vehicles.