Stellar to Add Support for USDC Stablecoin, Opening Up Dollar-Backed Remittances

Stellar to Add Support for USDC Stablecoin, Opening Up Dollar-Backed Remittances

The addition of the dollar-backed USDC stablecoin seeks to bolster Stellar’s standing as a cross-border payments network.

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USDC set to land on Stellar in 2021

Stellar joins the ranks of Ethereum and Algorand. The Centre consortium announced on Thursday that USD Coin (USDC) will soon be available on the Stellar blockchain.This marks the first time that a major stablecoin will be made available on the platform, joining the ranks of Anchor USD, WhiteStandard and some others. USDC is currently the second largest stablecoin in the market behind Tether (USDT).Circle said that USDC is expected to be available on Stellar in Q1 2021. USDC is primarily hosted on Ethereum, which holds virtually the entirety of its supply at $2.7 billion. Algorand was....

Circle Launches USD Coin on the Stellar Network

Circle and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced that the second-biggest stablecoin is now available within their network. USD Coin (USDC) is accessible through five integrated wallets, and it can be tradeable on their ecosystem, said the USDC issuer. Stellar Has Been the Official Chain of USDC Since October 2020 Per the announcement, the stablecoin is available in any Stellar (XLM) account through Lobstr, Solar, Stellarport, Stellarx, and Stellarterm wallets. Moreover, people could trade USDC across an ecosystem that has over 9,000 assets. In October 2020, the SDF and the....

Stellar becomes new home of USDC as integration goes live

The Stellar blockchain can be used to pay with USDC, the second-largest stablecoin. The Stellar Development Foundation announced Tuesday that an anticipated integration with USD Coin (USDC) is live. Users can now transact with USDC on the Stellar blockchain.The integration with the second-largest stablecoin was initially announced in October 2020, as Cointelegraph reported at the time. The stablecoin has since doubled its total supply to approach $6 billion, up from $2.7 billion in October 2020. USDC is primarily used on Ethereum, where almost the entirety of its supply is found. Algorand....

Stellar To Power VISA’s New Partnership, XLM Begins Breakout

Stellar follows the general market sentiment with green indicators across the board. XLM’s price seems to be positively reacting to the increase in USD Coin (USDC) liquidity on top of its blockchain. Additionally, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) made a potential groundbreaking announcement. Alongside VISA, Tala, and Circle, one of the companies behind USDC, the […]

Stablecoin Savings: Circle Launches High Yield USDC Accounts for Businesses

Two years ago the cryptocurrency firm Circle announced the launch of USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar. This week, Circle revealed the launch of high yield digital dollar business accounts with APY up to 10.75%. On September 26, 2018, Circle and the Centre open-source consortium launched an ERC20 token called USD Coin or USDC. At the time of publication, USDC is the 12th largest blockchain in terms of market capitalization with $2.8 billion circulating today. Under tether (USDT), USDC is the second-most popular stablecoin. “USDC is the first of several fiat tokens Centre....