UniFarm Announces 4 IDOs alongwith New BSC Cohort Going Live

UniFarm Announces 4 IDOs alongwith New BSC Cohort Going Live

UniFarm, a decentralized farming pool of DeFi’s top projects, has announced its 5th Cohort to provide investors with a staking solution that resonates with their financial goals. By launching its 5th edition, UniFarm demonstrates its commitment towards making staking even better for investors. UniFarm pioneered the token farming pool, which has 20 top DeFi projects […]

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UniFarm, a decentralized farming pool of DeFi’s top projects, has announced a $2 million investment from leading blockchain funds including AU21 Capital, LD Capital, Rarestone Capital, Morningstar Ventures, NGC Capital, Alphabit, Moonwhale Ventures, Acheron Capital, Zokyo Ventures, and more. UniFarm pioneered the token farming pool model which has seen 17 top DeFi projects across 4 […]

How DAFI Is Reshaping Crypto Incentive Models

Defi token sales are seeing huge demand right now, with everyone looking to capitalize on the release of the latest IDOs from emerging crypto projects. The token launch of an innovative project is just the first step in creating a sustainable ecosystem, with a community of early stakeholders necessary to evangelize the platform. The success of cryptocurrency IDOs has been a blessing and a curse for project development teams. They provide access to large amounts […]

To ICO or to IDO? That is the question

Initial DEX offerings have a fair bit in common with initial coin offerings but come out on top in cost, effort, and fairness. Initial DEX offerings are the new initial coin offerings. So, what’s the difference between an IDO and an ICO, other than that one letter? A lot actually. In some ways, ICOs and IDOs have more in common with each other than they do with initial exchange offerings, which have more than a few features of the traditional initial public offering of stock markets.While IDOs and IEOs are both listed directly on exchanges — decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, in the case of....

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If there’s one major difference between the 2017 ICO boom and the current IDO landscape, it’s that the latter is founded on egalitarian principles such as community and inclusion. This divergence is evident in the way IDOs (short for Initial DEX Offering) reserve allocation for public supporters rather than pump-and-dump speculators; indeed, participants must ‘qualify’ to be included in such rounds. These criteria encompass engagement levels and long-term support, meaning genuine stakeholders are given favor over those who can execute the quickest transactions with the highest amount of....

Emerging DeFi Fundraising Platform: AEGIS Launchpad Sets Date for Its IDO

DeFi has become a popular alternative to traditional finance. Decentralized finance allows users to have maximum control over their assets, automates financial transactions, and eliminates intermediaries which are common in traditional finance. This explains why DeFi is widely adopted. However, there are inherent risks of losing funds in the DeFi space, and conducting an IDO across multiple chains is rare. In addition, there is a shortage of launchpads that guarantee investors funds and privacy. Only a few platforms have a solid vetting model to filter out scams. Aegis promises to solve....