This Project Looks to Bridge Multi-Chain Gaps as the Layer 2 of DeFi

This Project Looks to Bridge Multi-Chain Gaps as the Layer 2 of DeFi

As interoperability continues to prove a pain point for AMMs, Tenet connects popular DeFi protocols via the native $TEN token. 2020 saw decentralised finance protocols unlock a suite of new and exciting passive income opportunities. Decentralised AMM (automatic market maker) exchanges such as Uniswap, Balancer and Curve have become hugely popular platforms, with liquidity mining […]

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Nervos debuts mainnet beta layer-two blockchain project

Following the roll-out, the platform is now welcoming Ethereum blockchain developers to build upon the Nervos network in a bid to broaden their DApp ecosystem. Public blockchain platform Nervos has announced the mainnet beta launch of Godwoken.The layer-two blockchain protocol integrates Ethereum Virtual Machine capabilities and optimistic rollup mechanics to provide instant transaction finality and low fees within an Ethereum-like environment. Built upon the existing Nervos layer-one network, the multi-chain solution seeks to capitalize on Ethereum’s well-documented drawbacks — most....

ChainSwap raises $3M from investors including Alameda Research and NGC Ventures

The multi-chain bridge hub aims to bridge Ethereum and BSC and beyond. Cross-chain asset bridge and application hub ChainSwap has closed a $3 million strategic funding round with participation from some of the biggest names in decentralized finance and the crypto industry.In an April 7 announcement, ChainSwap stated that it raised the funds in order to accelerate its vision of creating a multi-chain and multi-asset application hub.Participants included some big names in crypto and DeFi such as Alameda Research, OKEx’s venture arm OK Block Dream Fund, NGC Ventures, Spark Digital Capital,....

Data shows parabolic-style growth in layer-2-based DeFi and DEX platforms

Layer-2-based DeFi and DEX platforms have seen an incredible surge in user activity, revenue and total value locked since the launch of Arbitrum and Avalanche’s cross-chain bridge. In the increasingly competitive landscape of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, protocol innovation and the ability to solve the biggest problems facing the crypto community are necessary for any project that looks to have long-term success in the ecosystem. Recently, the emergence of layer-2 technology like Arbitrum, Optimism and a bridge to the Avalanche ecosystem is revolutionizing the way investors,....

Jelurida Announces Blockchain-based Bridge Strategy Game

Blockchain software development firm Jelurida is set to launch an on-chain version of the bridge, the strategy card game. The platform will be called Bridge Champ and will enable anyone to set up their own white-label bridge gaming environment. The game leverages the benefits of blockchain, including in-game tokens and cheat prevention.  Jelurida is known for its development platforms, which include Ardor and Nxt. Ardor, a multi-chain proof-of-stake blockchain, is the company’s flagship project. Ardor […]

Does DeFi Trading Have to Be Complicated?

Currently, DeFi is too separated and disjointed. This complicates DeFi trading to the point where it becomes confusing, time-consuming, arduous and expensive. The number of total DeFi users has surpassed 3.5 million people, and overall DEX trading volume is at $816 Billion for the last year. The average number of weekly DEX traders is more than 200,000, and approximately 40% of them are facing problems with multi-step transactions. Swapping an ERC-20 token for a BEP-20 token requires the following steps: A token swap on an Ethereum DEX to a bridge-compatible token; Then a swap across the....