Why Ethereum Could Hit The $12,000 Mark Before The End Of This Cycle

Why Ethereum Could Hit The $12,000 Mark Before The End Of This Cycle

Price prediction for assets like Ethereum is a tricky one. This is because there is no sure way of telling where the market might turn after a massive rally. Analysts have now turned to the charts to try to use technical analysis to tease out where they think the price of the asset could be […]

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Quantative Analyst Says Ethereum Could Hit $10,000 This Market Cycle

Ethereum is actually outperforming Bitcoin in 2020. The price of the leading cryptocurrency is up to $460 as of this article’s writing, but peaked at even higher levels in the summer. Even after this rally, the coin remains far below its all-time high price of $1,450, set in the peak of the bubble in early 2018. Analysts think that Ethereum could surge past that all-time high in this cycle, though. Ethereum Has Room to Rally, […]

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Says Ethereum ‘Is Closest Crypto We Have to a True Cu...

The billionaire investor and television personality, Mark Cuban recently did an interview on the recent episode of a podcast and discussed crypto assets at length. Cuban says his cryptocurrency portfolio is 60% bitcoin, 30% ethereum, and the rest is dedicated to smaller cap cryptos. Mark Cuban Shares His Crypto Portfolio Allocations Mark Cuban is a well known investor, one of the hosts on Shark Tank, and the owner of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Dallas Mavericks. For years now, Cubans and some of his fellow Shark Tank co-hosts have been discussing cryptocurrencies and....

Spring Brings Bitcoin Price Change

The last month of winter started with an upward trend. That trend is over and it’s time for the market to decide on a new direction. Over February, Bitcoin’s price has grown by more than 16% and stopped at around $447 per bitcoin. The start of Spring marks the beginning of a new cycle on the BTC/USD graph. Bitcoin’s price has stopped at a point where one cycle is changed by another, more significant one. Change of Bitcoin price trend direction. As a rule of thumb, such points precede a change of direction and a return to previous levels. There is a good possibility of a decline towards the....

Quant Explains Why The Bitcoin Cycle Top Isn’t In Yet

According to a CryptoQuant analyst, the Bitcoin price top isn’t in yet if the pattern of past bull cycles holds any weight. Bitcoin Might Reach A New ATH In This Cycle As per a CryptoQuant post, it’s possible that Bitcoin hasn’t yet reached the cycle top, and that a new all time high (ATH) might be achieved soon. There are two ways to define a cycle. The first is to make the initial point the BTC halving. Here is a chart that shows how the price of the coin moved in the 2012, 2016, and 2020 bull cycles based on this criterion: Price vs the number of days after halving in....

Ethereum Now Has 1 Out of 3 Pillars: Researcher Hints ETH is Undervalued

The sentiment around Ethereum has not been as strong as Bitcoin in the past two weeks. But over the longer term, researchers expect ETH to perform particularly well in the next bull cycle. The optimism around Ethereum in the medium to long term comes from the potential fundamental catalysts that await in 2021. Anthony Sassano, […]