Data Shows Bitcoin Selling On Binance Has Been Weakening Recently

Data Shows Bitcoin Selling On Binance Has Been Weakening Recently

On-chain data shows Bitcoin selling on the crypto exchange Binance has started to weaken in recent weeks as outflows have shot up. Binance Has Observed Negative Bitcoin Netflows Recently As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, has seen a decline in BTC dumping […]

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On-chain data shows Binance observed Bitcoin inflows of almost $200 million a couple of days back as BTC saw its plunge below $27,000. Binance Has Recently Received Large Bitcoin Deposits As pointed out by analyst James V. Straten in a post on X, inflows have recently occurred on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The relevant indicator […]

Polygon Bearish Signal: $109M In MATIC Enters Binance

Data shows about $109 million in MATIC has entered into Binance’s wallets during the past day, a sign that Polygon whales may be selling currently. Polygon Whales Have Deposited Large Amounts To Binance Today According to data from the cryptocurrency transaction tracker service Whale Alert, multiple large MATIC movements have been spotted on the Ethereum […]

Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Gap Approaches Zero, Selloff Ending?

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin coinbase premium gap has improved recently and is now approaching a neutral value, suggesting the selling pressure may be drying up. Bitcoin Coinbase Premium Gap Close To Zero, But Still Negative As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the selling pressure from US investors seems to have reduced in recent days. The “Coinbase Premium Gap” is an indicator that measures the difference in the Bitcoin prices listed on crypto exchanges Coinbase (USD pair) and Binance (USDT pair). The quant notes that US investors are known to use the....

Is Binance Really Selling Bitcoin To Prop The Price Of BNB?

Crypto exchange Binance has had a tough few months in terms of market news and pressure from regulatory bodies. Just a few days ago, Binance lost another payment processing partner after terminated its contract with the crypto exchange. And now, another rumor that appears to be spreading is that Binance is selling Bitcoin on the spot market to sustain the price of its native token, BNB. Is Binance Really Selling Its Bitcoin To Buy BNB? The rumor originated from a post made by @WhaleChart on X (formerly Twitter), claiming that Binance is allegedly selling Bitcoin on the spot....

Binance Futures Trend: Ethereum May Soon Pop Higher After 30% Drop

Ethereum may be poised to move higher after dropping 30% from last month’s highs. Futures data shows that investors are currently bearish on the cryptocurrency, which should lend to a potential short squeeze. Ethereum Could Soon Surge to the Upside: Futures Trend Crucial futures data suggests that Ethereum may soon revert to the upside, not move lower. One crypto-asset analyst recently shared the data below, which shows the positioning of ETH futures traders on Binance. […]