CryptoKitties’ Dapper Labs Launches NBA Top Shot Public Beta on Flow Blockchain

CryptoKitties’ Dapper Labs Launches NBA Top Shot Public Beta on Flow Blockchain

Dapper Labs, creators of the popular CryptoKitties game and the Flow Blockchain has announced the beta release of its much-anticipated NBA Top Shot. Emerging out of the closed beta phase, the game can now be experienced by consumers from across the world. According to Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot has scored high even before it […]

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NBA TopShot opens to public after closed beta drives $2M in NFT sales

NBA Top Shot, the officially licensed crypto collectibles from the team behind CryptoKitties, has opened its beta version to the public. NBA TopShot, the flagship non-fungible token (NFT)-powered game built by Dapper Labs on their Flow blockchain, has launched in open beta.The transition to public beta came on October 1, alongside Top Shot’s launch on the Samsung Galaxy Store. Top Shot is the first app offering blockchain-based collectibles to launch on Samsung’s mobile shop. It is not yet available in the Android app store.Top Shot allows users to collect multi-media “moments” of varying....

NBA Top Shot leads NFT explosion with $230M in sales

The NFT craze has reached the NBA, with digital collectibles grossing $230 million in sales, according to Dapper Labs. Dapper Labs, the creator of the CryptoKitties game, is helping the National Basketball Association, or NBA, become a magnet for digital collectibles. NBA Top Shot, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has generated over $230 million in sales, according to Dapper Labs. NBA Top Shot is built on Dapper’s Flow blockchain, allowing users to purchase “packs” that feature in-game moments. With packs almost always sold out, a secondary marketplace is the only way for....

Dapper Labs Raises $18M in Token Sale for NFT-Centric Flow Blockchain

Dapper Labs has closed an $18 million token sale on the strength of its latest collectibles game, NBA Top Shot.

NFT For Celebrities: Dapper Labs Funds On Genies, An Avatar Creation Platform

One of the most prominent firm in the NFT industry is Dapper Labs, the firm behind NBA Top Shot. Top Shot’s success and demand skyrocketed earlier this year, with more than $500 million in trading volume to date. Now, Dapper Labs is focusing on what could be the next big thing in crypto collectibles: Genies, […]

Dapper Labs and Blockparty Join Forces to Bring A New Breadth of Digital Coll...

VANCOUVER / SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 — Blockparty—the New York-based rare digital collectibles marketplace that launched last month to foster more meaningful fan engagement for artists, musicians, and sports teams—today announced a partnership with Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, who will bring Blockparty onto Flow, their user-centric blockchain built for mainstream adoption. Digital collectibles offer an alternative form of engagement to the in-person experience of art shows, concerts and games, and help artists and athletes incentivize....