Analyst: XRP Posts Failed Breakout as It Loses Its “Coil Power”

Analyst: XRP Posts Failed Breakout as It Loses Its “Coil Power”

XRP has been caught in the throes of volatility as of late, with much of this greatly favoring bulls The crypto saw a parabolic upswing earlier this week that caused its price to multiply over the past few days This intense upswing has slowed down, and the lack of any fundamental catalysts backing this movement […]

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Crypto Analyst Rager Scares Investors With September BTC Price Forecast

After the Federal Reserve annual meeting, BTC prices and other cryptocurrencies started a downhill trend on August 26. As of August 29, the market is showing no sign of recovery. Instead, the total crypto market cap has lost its $1 trillion mark. The current crypto market cap level stands at $950 billion, after losing a whopping $50 billion in 24 hours. BTC’s price lost its stand above $20k to settle at $19,510 on August 28. It gradually climbed to $19,853.93 on August 29 before falling to $19 817. Related Reading: Bitcoin Cash Loses 10% In Last 24 Hours, Despite 40% Hike In Trading....

Ethereum Posts Clear Breakout as Investors Eye Price Discovery

Ethereum has seen some strong momentum throughout the past few days, with buyers taking control as its price now hovers firmly above $1,400 The selling pressure in this price region has been dissipating with each visit, signaling that bulls could be on the cusp of sparking a breakout rally Where the market trends in the […]

Bitcoin Forum Bitcointalk is Down due to Disk Failure - Data Lost

The renowned Bitcoin forum is currently down due to disk failure. Some rumored that they were attacked with DDoS like last year, but their twitter account sent out the following update today: Some disks seem to have failed. Expect extended downtime. They also sent out a tweet saying: Posts made in the last 9 hours might be lost, though we are still trying to recover them. If you still have posts from that time, save them. What an extended downtime means will only time tell.

Ethereum is Primed to Shoot Towards $400 as Market Support Is Strong

Ethereum and Bitcoin have seen mixed performance over the past few days. There was an attempted breakout a few days ago, but that failed due to weakness in legacy markets. ETH is up 0.8% in the past 24 hours, slightly outperforming Bitcoin. Ethereum is primed to move higher in the coming week or two due to on-chain and technical support, one analyst says. This rally would be in line with the introduction of the ETH2 […]

Bitcoin Just Rejected $13,600—and That Could Trigger a Move Lower

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rejection at $13,600 after an attempted breakout on Thursday afternoon. The coin currently trades for $13,200, more than $400 below the aforementioned highs. Analysts think that this failed breakout may be a precursor to more losses. One noted that Bitcoin will see “more of a pullback” in the near future. The chart shared with this statement depicts that key levels to watch will be a number of supports around $13,000, […]