Video: How To Use Lily Wallet

Video: How To Use Lily Wallet

Lily Wallet promises to make it easier than ever to apply multisig management to your bitcoin wallet. In this video, Bitcoin Magazine’s Christian Keroles explains how. The post Video: How To Use Lily Wallet appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

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Three-year-old Lily Knight interviewed Michael Saylor on April 13 about his thoughts on Bitcoin and his plans for the future. Three year old Lily Knight, “the world’s youngest Bitcoin educator,” interviewed billionaire MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor for her YouTube channel in a video that dropped April 13.In the interview, Lily noted that Saylor’s accumulation of more than $2 billion worth of Bitcoin since August 2020 had been a “ballsy move.”The toddler and unconfirmed "hodler" became something of a vial sensation in the crypto space in mid February after she (aided by her parents)....

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