Phishing Scammers Steal Hollywood Comedian Seth Green’s Pricey Apes

Phishing Scammers Steal Hollywood Comedian Seth Green’s Pricey Apes

A group of phishing criminals are on the loose and just stole Seth Green’s hoard of non-fungible tokens. Green disclosed in a tweet on Wednesday that he had fallen victim to phishing scammers who took numerous expensive NFTs from his cryptocurrency wallet. The Hollywood celebrity renowned for movies such as Robot Chicken, The Italian Job, […]

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Hollywood actor Seth Green can’t catch a break. He fell for a fishing attack and someone stole four valuable NFTs from him.  A Bored Ape Yacht Club, two Mutant Apes, and a Doodle, to be exact. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Green was developing an animated show around his Bored Ape.  You see, BAYC […]

'Code is not law': Seth Green thief stole Bored Apes, not the rights say experts

Green planned on using the BAYC in an upcoming TV series, and he has hinted he will go to court to get his Apes back if the new owner does not give it up. Austin Powers supporting actor Seth Green has sparked a debate over who owns the commercial rights to use a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, after his Apes were stolen and sold to another partyGreen tweeted on May 18 that four of his nonfungible tokens (NFT) including BAYC #8398, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) #9964 and #19182, and Doodle #7546 were stolen from him after he visited a phishing site. Green, the creator of Robot Chicken and co-star....

Hook, Line and Sinker: How to Avoid Bitcoin Phishing Scams

As bitcoin becomes more popular and attracts mainstream users, scammers are resorting to tried-and-tested tricks like phishing emails and imitation websites to steal your funds. Follow these tips to keep yours safe. 1) Don't be greedy. Screenshot via Imgur user GreenFox. Phishing emails targeted at bitcoin users have so far come in a variety of flavours, the most blatant of which involves a person ostensibly sending you their wallet backup file and private key and asking you to send their bitcoin to another wallet address. The bait here is that you'll take the money and run. But as Imgur....

Ape-themed airdrop phishing scams are on the rise, experts warn

As the crypto community notices and calls out such scams, the fraudsters tend to turn off replies to their tweets to prevent being exposed as scammers. Cybersecurity experts identified and disclosed the rising popularity of airdrop phishing among crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) scammers.Airdrops serve as an essential marketing tool for crypto projects, which involves sending free cryptocurrency tokens or NFTs to promote awareness among investors. However, a new report released by Malwarebytes Labs highlighted an alarming rise in airdrop phishing attempts as scammers try to cash in on....

Clef: Bitcoin Adoption and Phishing Protection

Clef, a two-factor authentication platform, has recently gained traction in the Bitcoin space with companies like Koinify integrating it to secure their platform. Today, Clef announced True Logins, a new anti-phishing mechanism. Phishing is when an attacker disguises themselves and pretend to be another website. For example, an attacker might use, with three “o’s” so a user thinks they are on a normal, secure website. Then, if the user types in their password for the real site, the attacker can steal the user’s account. In fact, phishing attacks have been used to steal....