Bitcoin Price Sinks $6% From Weekend Highs As Election Day Approaches

Bitcoin Price Sinks $6% From Weekend Highs As Election Day Approaches

Bitcoin price set a new higher high this weekend at over $14,000 and closed the highest monthly candle since December 2017, leaving just one higher monthly close to beat. However, before that could happen, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap has been dragged down by pre-election uncertainty, and it could make for a rocky ride […]

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Here's what we are looking at tonight in the bitcoin price. So we are coming to the end of what has been a pretty eventful day in the bitcoin price. In this morning’s analysis, we noted that price over the weekend had gained to fresh highs, and that today, we would likely see a correction of these highs, or a continuation if price could break through the 700 mark. We set up so that we could enter according to our breakout strategy in either scenario, and as it turns out, the latter of these two situations proved to be the correct one. Price broke through 700, we entered along toward 710,....