Bitcoin Breaks Below Key Bullish Trendline as Analysts Eye Move to $18,400

Bitcoin Breaks Below Key Bullish Trendline as Analysts Eye Move to $18,400

Bitcoin has been showing some serious signs of strength throughout the past few days and weeks Bulls have been in full control of the cryptocurrency’s price action, but are starting to lose their edge over bears as the crypto drifts lower Where it trends in the mid-term will depend largely on whether or not buyers can defend against a break below $18,600 One trader is pointing to this as the first key support level it […]

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75% Chance Bitcoin Breaks Bullish Towards $12K, Analyst Asserts

There is a 75 percent possibility that Bitcoin breaks bullish out of its ongoing consolidation pattern. According to independent analyst Vince Prince, the benchmark cryptocurrency is making “marginal” upside movements in an Ascending Channel structure. That has left it with two possible outcomes. First, Bitcoin consolidates inside the Channel while breaking below the “Ascending Trendline”; Second, it stays above the Trendline and later breaks out of the range altogether. Mr. Prince favored the second outcome. […]

More Pain for Bitcoin Ahead as Price Breaks “Legacy Trendline,” Says Analyst

Bitcoin (BTC) is at risk of extending its ongoing downside correction as it breaks below a so-called “legacy trendline.” As spotted by an independent, pseudonymous chart analyst, the said trendline was acting as a support to Bitcoin since March 2020. On September 30, the BTC/USD exchange rate fell below the price floor and flipped the Ascending Trendline into resistance. The pair lately tested it twice for an upside breakout, but with no success. The TradingView […]

Bitcoin Price Breaks Above Resistance

Bitcoin price followed a gold price move that broke above resistance today. The move, in both charts, comes as a surprise and we have to adjust our outlook. Bitcoin price has pushed above a constraining trendline, and this event invalidates the expectation that price was building a base for advance. Interesting to note that the gold price surged above long-term support (at $1,150) just prior to the bitcoin price chart trendline breach. Gold price is annotated in pale blue in the chart above (taken a few minutes prior to the bitcoin price surge) The wave up is reverse diverged to January....

Ethereum Risks Crashing to $200 as Price Breaks Multi-Week Support

Ethereum is looking to fall towards $200 after breaking a multi-week support level this Monday. The price floor was a part of a Bear Flag pattern. In retrospect, Bear Flag appears as an asset consolidates in an upward channel following a robust directional move down. The price eventually breaks below the Channel’s lower trendline, a […]

Bitcoin Price Tell Me You’ll Be True

Bitcoin price is climbing in a choppy advance. Is this the base of a large advance, or just an upward correction in a sideways spell? No telling what is happening in the chart… a setup for advance, or decline? Or a long consolidation above $550? The 1hr chart (not shown) continues to signal wildly and we pay it no mind. However, the 4hr chart (above) is interesting because it had previously given us a false buy signal, and is now on the verge of signaling a sell signal. Do we believe it? Not without 1hr confirmation, and the 1hr chart is nowhere near signaling decline in any of its....