Metaverse Games | Top 5 Projects for 2022

Metaverse Games | Top 5 Projects for 2022

The metaverse merges the physical and virtual worlds to give us a decentralized gaming experience that is rapidly gaining attention. If you’re a gamer, you must have noticed the influx of new gaming projects embarking on their journey with token sales and NFT offerings. In this highly competitive environment, it is hard to tell which […]

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5 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

A report by Citi has predicted that the fledgling Metaverse economy could be worth $13 trillion by 2030. In the last few years, we have witnessed the growth of metaverse cryptos as they have provided high returns to investors. This guide will discuss the best metaverse crypto projects to buy in 2022. 5 Best Metaverse […]

Cardano Metaverse Projects To Look Out For In 2022

P2E games use blockchain technology, which means that a player completes the game or combats other players in order to earn tokens that may subsequently be transferred and paid out at a crypto exchange. With the explosive growth of the play to earn metaverse games, creators are now having a reason to smile to the […]

Top 3 Metaverse Projects to Watch In 2022

Facebook’s embrace of the metaverse has unleashed a world of new blockchain projects that merge the concepts of virtual reality, digital worlds and cryptocurrencies. The metaverse refers to computer-generated worlds where people can don avatars, explore, interact with other users, play games, create a business, buy and sell land and other assets. Metaverses took the digital realm by storm in 2021, serving as a facilitator of social interaction, business, recreation, gaming and education, to name just a few. They have exploded in popularity and their current momentum suggests they’re going....

GameFi fundraising jumps 135% in August, but is still down from June: Report

Web3 games and metaverse projects have raised $748 million in funds last month. The GameFi sector remains a leading force in the blockchain and crypto space despite the ongoing downturn in the crypto market. Recent numbers from DappRadar revealed that web3 games and metaverse projects have raised $748 million in funds last month. This was up 135% from July, but is still a decline of 16% compared with June.Blockchain gaming collected $3.1 billion in investment last quarter; so far in 2022, it has added $6.9 billion in funds. This year's forecast seems to indicate that investments could....

Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Keeping an Eye on Geopoly in 2022

PRESS RELEASE. The popularity surrounding both the metaverse as well as different games has skyrocketed lately, with numerous projects all vying to attract investors. To that end, Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulation game that was introduced by Widow Games. It enables users to rent, acquire, improve, and sell real-world enterprises all over the world. The game runs in two layers: off-chain which runs on Android and iOS, and on-chain. The on-chain part of Geopoly is running on Polygon, and the connection with it provides an innovative ecosystem based on a gaming simulation....