Bitcoin’s Market Structure Broken, But This Metric Points To Salvation

Bitcoin’s Market Structure Broken, But This Metric Points To Salvation

Bears wreak havoc in the crypto market and major coins bleed out in the lower and higher timeframes. Bitcoin (BTC) is on a downtrend with a 9% correction over the past day and 20.9% in the 7-day chart. With a market cap below $1 trillion for the first since February, the price action seems to […]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: 4/20/2016

Bitcoin continues its medium-term upward movement. The next significant target is the long-term level of $445, where the market could potentially choose a new direction. What level will be critical for the current upward trend? Bitcoin’s price has broken through the important resistance of $430.5, fortified above it and formed a trend. The fact that the price held at that level has indicated that the advantage was with the bulls. The upward trend will continue if its structure is not disrupted. The next-to-last rebound towards the medium-term upward trend will be exactly the point where....

Has an Upward Trend Started on the Bitcoin Market?

Bitcoin’s price has broken through the top resistance line. Will the buyers have enough confidence to keep the growth trend? After a new false break through the level of $417, Bitcoin’s price has bounced off without fortifying. However, the advantage was held by the buyers and the price returned to the top point. The price has displayed fortification in the mid-day structure and a natural growth impulse followed. If the structure of the growth trend stays intact in the near future, there is a probability of the price reaching $422. The trend’s potential is not very high, because the....

Bitcoin’s Market Structure Indicates a Massive Move Higher is on the Horizon

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market are once again consolidating following the latest push higher, with bulls being unable to firmly push BTC over any key levels The cryptocurrency is incurring mounting technical strength, however, which comes as it stabilizes around $11,500 Where the market trends next will likely depend on the cryptocurrency’s continued reaction to its $11,600 resistance If broken above, this level may ignite a massive BTC rally that sends it past $12,000 […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 4/26/2016

Bitcoin has gone into another rebound off an important resistance line and continues moving upward. The structure of the upward trend is safe for now, which means that the bulls are holding the advantage. In which case will the current trend end? Bitcoin’s market has undergone a similar scenario to the one that happened yesterday. A necessary prerequisite for a continuous movement of a trend is the safety of its structure. As long as the structure is intact, the trend holds and keeps growing from short-term into medium-term and so on. The disruption of the trend’s structure will indicate a....

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 5/24/2016

Bitcoin’s price continues forming a movement near the top limit of the flat. The formed short-term trend could grow into the first wave of the medium-term upward trend. The short-term trend is upward. The structure responsible for the formation of the upward trend, now that it has broken through the top limit of the flat at $442.2, will evolve into an upward movement of a larger scale, if Bitcoin’s price manages to fortify at that mark. A fortification at $442 will mean that the bulls are holding the advantage. In that case, Bitcoin’s price will have a single most probable scenario, which....