Shiba Inu Warns Community About Copycat Scams On The Prowl

Shiba Inu Warns Community About Copycat Scams On The Prowl

Shiba Inu has been one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies in 2021. Feeding off the success of famed meme coin Dogecoin, the dog-themed asset had surged as many flocked to catch the wave. This had helped the meme coin knock several zeroes off its price and coupled with its incredibly large circulating supply volume, making it […]

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As the digital asset economy grows popular and a number of crypto companies become well known, copycat scammers appear in greater numbers. There are a number of websites that are clones of the official web page from companies that provide mining device sales, wallets, full nodes, paper wallet tools, and popular trading platforms. Just recently, wrote a report on mining devices, and one of the links we found looked like it belonged to a reliable mining manufacturer, but the URL really went to a copycat site that looked identical to the original URL. People make mistakes....

Shiba Inu: The Big Explosion, The Drop & The Future Impacts

Shiba Inu, the mysterious meme coin, has gained serious attention this past weekend after a 45% surge. Created by anonymous dogecoin-ally Ryshoi Shiba, Shiba has slowly gained momentum since the beginning of the summer. What’s Next For Shiba Inu? With Robinhood approving more then 250,000 applications for Shiba Inu access, it will definitely serve as […]

Shiba Inu Continues To Dominate Community-Wise, But Why Is The Price Suffering?

Shiba Inu is still popular among the dog coins community. This has not helped in the way of the value as the meme coin has been on a downtrend since the month began. From its all-time high, it has fallen almost 50% to the point where it is now trailing around $0.00005. There isn’t much […]

Bilibili Copycat Tried to Save Itself With a $2M Crypto IEO – It Didn’t Work

A Chinese video streaming copycat service raised $2.1 million via an initial exchange offering in August 2019 – but it appears this last resort wasn’t enough to save the company.

Economist Jeffrey Tucker: Scams Are 'Bullish' for Bitcoin

Jeffrey Tucker, via Wikimedia Commons. It is no secret that the cryptocurrency industry is fraught with scams. Some of the more high-profile bitcoin scams-such as Mt. Gox-receive mainstream press coverage and reinforce the misguided stereotype that criminals are bitcoin's primary user group. Many in the Bitcoin community are understandably worried by this. However, Austrian economist Jeffrey Tucker sees a silver lining Tucker says the proliferation of bitcoin scams is actually a "bullish sign" for the bitcoin industry because scams tend to coalesce around budding industries with explosive....