The Crucial Level to Watch as Ethereum Prepares to Shoot Toward $700

The Crucial Level to Watch as Ethereum Prepares to Shoot Toward $700

Ethereum topped out dramatically in August when it hit $490, then crashed. The coin currently trades for $370, 25% below those highs. Analysts think that Ethereum could soon shoot higher as the macro trend remains bullish. ETH will need to hold a crucial support level in the $300 range, then decisively surmount the year-to-date highs around the high-$400s. Institutions are getting bullish alongside technical analysts. Grayscale Investments recently revealed that it has accumulated 2% of […]

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Ethereum’s price action has been closely tied to that of Bitcoin as of late But while Bitcoin has broken multiple key resistance levels, ETH remains below the crucial $380 level This level has yet to be broken, with each visit here sparking a slight selloff Where Ethereum the entire market trends next will likely depend on Bitcoin and whether or not it can extend its upwards momentum One analyst is noting that Ethereum could be […]

Ethereum Could Push to $420 if It Flips One Key Level into Support

Ethereum is currently caught within a consolidation phase alongside Bitcoin and its other peers This has made its near-term outlook somewhat unclear, as where it trends next may depend largely on the price action seen by BTC Overnight, an influx of selling pressure caused its price to plunge just over 1%, with this decline sending it below the crucial $380 level This level has long been pivotal for Ethereum, and its recent break above it […]

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – Watch Out For 100 SMA!

Ethereum price traded above the $6.50 level and attempted a move towards $6.50, but sellers appeared and stalled gains in the near term. Intraday Support Level can be $5.60. Intraday Resistance Level may be $6.00-10. Ethereum price after trading as high as $6.64 against the US Dollar started to trade higher as sellers came into the picture. There was a bullish trend line break noted on the hourly chart with data feed via Kraken (as highlighted in yesterday’s post). It looks like the recent trend line beak was real, as the same is somehow acting as a resistance for buyers in the near term.....

Ethereum Prepares for Take Off

Ethereum, the decentralized application and smart contracting platform prepares to shoot the starting gun, as their Frontier release reaches 99% 98% completion. Miners, who have been waiting a year since the crowdfund, have begun sharpening their GPU pick axes. [Update: Another bug seems to have been added over night, bringing it back to 98%] Imagine a day when you want to go meet some friends for a drink. You pull out your iPhone 13, open the decentralized uber app, and using your preferred cryptocurrency, you pay for a smart cab. The vehicle has no steering wheel. It does not need one.....

Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – ETH/USD Testing Crucial Support

Ethereum price was under a lot of bearish pressure against the US dollar, and currently the bulls are fighting around a major support. Key Highlights. Ethereum price declined heavily versus the US Dollar, but currently trading near a crucial support. There is a critical bullish trend line formed on the daily chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX), which may stop the downside going forward. The 100-day simple moving average is also on the downside to act as a support area. Ethereum Price Trend. Ethereum price ETH after staying above the $13.00 level against the US Dollar for some time,....