Get ready for even more incompetence at the IRS in 2023

Get ready for even more incompetence at the IRS in 2023

The IRS is hiring 87,000 agents, thanks to President Joe Biden’s 2021 infrastructure package, but they won’t be fully trained for three years. The Internal Revenue Service is hiring 87,000 new agents, but taxpayers will not feel the pain for another two to three years. That’s how long it will take the agency to hire and train agents. Few have discussed the extent of this pain. Still, it’s something to think about when you consider the majority of coming audits will be conducted by new agents, many of whom will have been hastily hired and operating with minimal supervision.Playing the audit....

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The European Union’s finance chief announced that a bill introducing a digital euro will be hitting tables in European parliament as early as 2023. The European Commission has announced that a bill for a digital euro will be proposed in 2023. As first reported by Politico, EC finance chief Mairead McGuinness officially disclosed the EU’s formal consideration of digital euro legislation at a fintech conference on Wednesday. "Our goal is to table legislation in early 2023,” the Commissioner for Financial Service said. “A targeted legislative consultation in the coming weeks."The European....

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This altered photo of Mark Karpeles uploaded by /u/MorXpe on /r/bitcoin shows how some MtGox customers feel right now. A large chunk of the Bitcoin community has been ready to give up on MtGox for more than a few months, but the question still remains as to whether they are insolvent, incompetent, or just bad at public relations. While there is no need for a debate over whether or not this exchange has had problems in the past, there is little proof that Mark Karpeles and the rest of the staff over at MtGox are actually fraudsters. Although MtGox bitcoins are still being sold at a....