GEOPOLY Locks In Hard Cap Funding In 48 Hours During Private Round

GEOPOLY Locks In Hard Cap Funding In 48 Hours During Private Round

GEOPOLY has now completed its hard cap founding in a private round. The geolocation economic simulator game has seen increased interest given its real-world applications. This adoption saw the project raise $3 million in just 48 hours. GEOPOLY presents the opportunity for users to invest in the largest capitalist game in the world. Using the […]

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Coinapult Recieves Funding!

Coinapult, one of the biggest companies in the Bitcoin industry. When we last talked to them it was regarding the public beta launch of Locks, the ability to “lock” in your value of Bitcoin and tie it to the value of a commodity. Today, we will be talking about the funding they just received. Our Locks launch went very well. We have been developing upgrades to the website based on the initial feedback, and have already rolled out a number of improvements in our invoicing, Locks, and account interfaces. Sure, we raised a total of $775K in two seed rounds. Both rounds involved FirstMark....

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Data monetization solution Swash successfully raised $ 7 million in a round of oversubscribed from major investors before its public sale later this month. Swash Has $ 7 Million Funding Round The Swash funding round, which surpassed $ 7 million just two weeks ago, was led by KuCoin, Outlier Ventures, and Streamr and included a […]

BullPerks Ended Private Funding Round With $1.8M From Leading Investors

Decentralized VC project BullPerks announced the successful ending of its private funding round of $1.8 million. More so, the most prominent BullPerks is the community dedicated venture capitalism and Multi-chain launchpad solutions that contain huge potential to develop a lasting impact on the crypto space. This is considered as a dual project under one roof […]

StackSwap Raises $1.3 Million in Funding Round to Build DEX on Bitcoin Network

PRESS RELEASE. Prague, Czech Republic, 5 Nov 2021, StackSwap, the first complete DEX and Launchpad on the Bitcoin Network has announced the completion of its private round. According to the official press release, the blockchain platform was able to raise $1.3 million during the funding round. The investment round was led by the Stacks Foundation along with key blockchain venture capitalists including HashKey, Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) and SOSV. The early investors share the long-term vision of StackSwap to eventually become the biggest DEX on the Bitcoin Network. ....

BullPerks Successfully Ended Private Funding Round Raising $1.8M

BullPerks has successfully completed its private funding round raising $1.8 million. Moreover, Bullperks is the most outstanding Decentralized VC and multi-chain launchpad solution. This project could have huge potential to make a tremendous impact on the crypto industry. It is two in one project that utilizes the same token and the revolutionary tier system. BullPerks’ […]