It’s the “Moment of Truth” for Chainlink as Price Taps Key Parabolic Trendline

It’s the “Moment of Truth” for Chainlink as Price Taps Key Parabolic Trendline

Chainlink has flashed some immense signs of strength throughout the past few days, with the cryptocurrency rallying towards its $12.00 resistance as its price continues seeing immense upwards momentum. This strength also comes as the aggregated altcoin market begins showing signs of strength, with buyers sending Ethereum’s price flying higher today as the DeFi sector […]

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Chainlink Could Soon Rally Higher as Bulls Defend Key Trendline

Chainlink has seen some mixed price action over the past few days, with buyers and sellers both struggling to gain control of its mid-term trend as its price hovers within the mid-$12.00 region. This has long-been a consolidation channel for the cryptocurrency, with the resistance at $13.00 often proving to be too much for the […]

Chainlink’s Parabolic Trendline is Intact, But Analysts Fear a Breakdown

Chainlink has been struggling to gain momentum over the past couple of days, with the ongoing bout of capitulation within the altcoin market, creating far-reaching shockwaves that have impacted LINK. The crypto is now struggling to hold above its $11.00 support level, and some analysts believe that it could be at risk of seeing further […]

Here are the BTC price levels to watch with Bitcoin ‘hanging on $40K cliff’

$38,000 could be the next stop in a downward move, but equal faith lies in $32,000 being the definitive floor. Bitcoin (BTC) saw its first major test of $40,000 for several weeks overnight, but what price zones are traders watching next?Whether long or short-term, the answer for many is simple: The range is still intact.Bitcoin wobbles after “moment of truth”On the back of macro pressures, BTC/USD saw a moderate sell-off on Feb. 17, which continued into Friday, with local lows of $40,330 appearing on Bitstamp, as per data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView.A bounce took the....

Bitcoin Forms Parabolic Trendline, But Veteran Trader Eyes Potential Correction

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have been caught within a parabolic advance as of late, with BTC leading the charge as altcoins follow its lead Where the cryptocurrency trends next will undoubtedly depend on whether or not bulls can maintain control of its price action as it approaches $30,000 This rally is nothing short of parabolic, with Bitcoin tapping a half a trillion-dollar market cap yesterday evening One veteran trader is now pointing to […]

The Chances of a Parabolic Chainlink Rally are Surging; What Analysts Think

Chainlink has been severely underperforming Bitcoin as of late, despite its enormous and devoutly loyal community and continued fundamental growth. This isn’t uncommon for the crypto, as it often trends independent from the rest of the market, seeing some of its largest rallies during the depths of the bear market seen over the past few […]