Epic Ethereum Short Squeeze Pushes Rally To New ATH

Epic Ethereum Short Squeeze Pushes Rally To New ATH

For the last few days, Ethereum has been adding incredible returns for investors. According to CoinMarketCap, on Monday, ETH added over 16% pushing the coin to a new record of slightly over $3,450. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at around $3,470, a gain of 9.43% over the last 24 hours. Ethereum […]

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XRP price just surged 40% in a surprise relief rally — Here’s why

XRP price rose 40% in a single day as liquidations across futures exchanges topped $73.5 million. XRP price spiked by 40% in the past 24 hours, recording a 52% gain at the day’s peak. Behind the surprising rally was a big short squeeze that caused massive volatility within hours.It is evident that the upsurge was driven by a short squeeze across futures exchanges because of the speed of the rally.XRP/USD hourly candle chart (Coinbase). Source: TradingView.comIt took XRP around four hours to surge from $0.2536 to as high as $0.3120. Since then, it has pulled back to around $0.3550 on major....

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The price of Bitcoin surpassed its all-time high and surged above $24,600 as traders analyze what will come next. The price of Bitcoin surpassed its all-time high on Christmas, reaching $24,681 on Binance. Following BTC’s strong rally, traders and analysts are exploring short-term bear and bull cases. The market sentiment around Bitcoin remains overwhelmingly positive, but there are some concerns put forth by analysts in the foreseeable future and as a result, the next move is not a clear-cut one.The funding rate of Bitcoin futuresBitcoin (BTC) has rallied above $24,600 with a relatively....

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Ethereum Price Key Highlights. The downtrend on ethereum price action appears to be slowing down, as bears don't seem to be too eager to take it down to new lows. After breaking below the earlier triangle consolidation pattern, ethereum price seems to be losing momentum and might be in for a short squeeze around the recent levels. Ethereum price might need to make a correction from its recent drop in order to draw more sellers to push for new lows. RSI Bullish Divergence. Technical indicators appear to be showing that a rally is about to take place, as RSI is reflecting downtrend....

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After beating Wall Street with its short squeeze of GameStop stock, the members of r/wallstreetbets should level up with Bitcoin. The post After GameStop Short Squeeze, r/Wallstreetbets Is Ready For Bitcoin appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.