53% Of ‘Crypto Curious’ In The U.S. Are Women – Are Men Indifferent?

53% Of ‘Crypto Curious’ In The U.S. Are Women – Are Men Indifferent?

Crypto isn’t gender-biased but it seems that more women in the United States are now into it. According to a recent Gemini survey, around 53% of those who expressed their interest in investing in crypto are women. However, the survey coming from the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange revealed the opposite as only 26% of women actually […]

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Recognizing Women in Bitcoin - The Week in Review from Decentral. TV

Sunday wasInternational Women's Day, when the Bitcoin community is joined with others around the world to promote awareness of women's issues by launching its firstBitcoin Women's Day. Like International Women's Day, "Bitcoin Women's Day is not just for women," says Sarah Boone Martin of the Digital Currency Council. The issues that women are concerned about - equal access to healthcare, to financial systems, to the world economy, to employment, to education; a sustainable environment, personal safety, security and autonomy - these are all issues that are important to the Bitcoin community....

BlockFi Survey Says 33% Of Women Plans To Buy Crypto This Year

The latest survey from BlockFi shows that women are more interested in cryptocurrencies than ever, with one-third planning on buying digital assets this year. Furthermore, 60% of these women say they will be doing so within the next few months. The current survey depicts double women’s interest compared to the exact nature of the study […]

How Bitcoin Can Help Millions of Women Around the World

This is a guest post by Digital Currency Councilmember Amor Sexton. Western Union released a reporton the role of women in global remittances. According to the report, women currently move 50 percent of the estimated $582 billion global remittances, and they send a greater percentage of their wages than men. Women also are the largest group of recipients, receiving over two-thirds of remittances. The flow of money to these women can be a matter of life and death if they have no alternative means of earning a living. The United Nations reports that despite women working two-thirds of the....

Bitcoiners love dogs, gold bugs prefer cats — Important new research

Research has revealed crypto investors are more likely to be ‘dog people' while gold investors are more likely to be ‘cat people’. New research from US crypto exchange Xcoins suggests gold investors are pretty evenly split between men and women, but men dominate the ranks of crypto investors by a significant margin. The data also revealed that “gold investors are more likely to own a cat than cryptocurrency holders (45% to 38%), while cryptocurrency holders tend to be ‘dog people’ (43% to 38%).” Xcoins’ research used Global Web Index data between 2017 and 2020, to find the differences....

NFT Project To Donate 100% Of Income To Help Afghan Women Access Education

Bookblocks.io, an NFT company has partnered with a New York-based company, Women for Afghan Women to help women in Afghanistan have access to education. Under the new Taliban-run government, women in Afghanistan have had their rights to education restricted by the fundamentalist militants. Since this development, Afghan women have taken to the streets to protest. Over a dozen women protested outside the premises of what used to be the Afghan Women’s Affairs Ministry – until the Taliban turned it into the department for the “propagation of virtue and the prevention of....