With Accelerating China Issues, What Is Bitcoin’s Place In Macro?

With Accelerating China Issues, What Is Bitcoin’s Place In Macro?

Pakistan is facing a similar fate as Sri Lanka and the Taiwan situation is heating up. Geopolitics can give us a glimpse into bitcoin’s role in macroeconomics.Watch This Episode On YouTube Or RumbleListen To This Episode: AppleSpotifyGoogleLibsynOvercast“Fed Watch” is a macro podcast, true to bitcoin’s rebel nature. Each episode we question mainstream and bitcoin narratives by examining current events in macro from across the globe, with an emphasis on central banks and currencies.In this episode, Christian Keroles and I go through several charts, giving market updates on bitcoin, the....

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Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over recent months from the March lows to $12,500 at the August highs. Not everyone is convinced that the crypto’s macro trend is positive, though. They point to the fact that Bitcoin has yet to firmly establish itself above $11,500 and $12,000. Those two levels have been of technical importance on a macro time frame since the 2017 highs. Three crucial reasons, though, suggest that Bitcoin’s macro trend is […]

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Chinese policy has a massive impact on Bitcoin price, trading volume, and perceived legitimacy – but as the government’s policy on digital currencies is ambigious, Bitcoin’s future in China remains uncertain. The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission reached this conclusion in a research brief published earlier this week. The report examined Bitcoin’s history in China, documenting the evolution of Chinese official (and actual) attitude toward Bitcoin and exploring some of the factors for its popularity – and potential for the future. Here are five things the USCC report said....

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Despite plunge protection measures and intervention by the Peoples' Bank of China, mainland equity indexes continue selling off, and the crash is accelerating. The Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted 32% from a 12 June top and the Shenzhen Composite Index has slid 41%. Yesterday (Tueday 7 July), the Shanghai Composite Index fell by a record 8.5%. Where will it end and what does it mean for the global economy? "World Equity Gauge". By noon (UTC) today, 1,323 companies' shares have halted trading on Chinese exchanges. The total value amounts to $2.6 trillion of shares - 40 percent of the....

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China's position as the most active bitcoin trading market has come to attention again as Beijing exchange OKCoin topped daily dollar trades for the first time earlier this week. This comes weeks after Shanghai exchange BTC China highlighted that yuan trades comprised more than 70% of trading volume. As Chinese exchanges jostle for the top spot in global trading volumes, yuan trading is now three times greater than dollar trades. Analysts and exchange operators say China's dominance in bitcoin trading is largely due to macro factors like China's investment environment, but caution that....