Art reimagined: NFTs are changing the collectibles market

Art reimagined: NFTs are changing the collectibles market

With professionals stepping into the NFT space, the market is set to mature, making digital art a part of traditional collectibles. Art has been serving as the ultimate source of inspiration to many people throughout all of history. In the era of cryptocurrencies and the digitized world, trends change faster than ever. For years, numerous artists have tried stepping into rapidly advancing playgrounds and grabbing their slice of pie, but now their time has truly come.The NFT fever has quickly taken over the industry, turning digital artists and popular meme creators into rich celebrities.....

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NFTs, short for Non-Fungible Assets have gained popularity in the crypto space. Most of the NFTs currently in use are either digital collectibles like trading cards or tokenized representations of digital content — like digital artwork, music or videos. Generally, possession of these NFTs signifies true ownership of the product it represents. However, the use […]

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Nonfungible tokens continue to drive millions of dollars in sales. Here are the biggest NFT earners of 2021 so far. Nonfungible tokens have quickly become a mainstream phenomenon, and a number of celebrities and entertainment and sporting icons are driving their popularity. The question is: Which NFT has had the most influence on this up-and-coming sector?There is no denying that NFTs have taken the world by storm as some of the most popular digital collectibles have attracted mind-blowing price tags and led to a stampede of newcomers looking to make the most of the spotlight on the....

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A set of Topps Series 1 Baseball nonfungible token collectibles will be issued by the major card maker in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc. A set of nonfungible tokens will be issued by the United States’ leading trading card maker Topps in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc.Topps’ flagship annual baseball card collection, now to circulate in NFT form, reflects the company’s pivot toward a digital transition and awareness of the growing and significant appeal of blockchain-based collectibles. To help bridge between the traditional and....

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More than 800 limited edition collectibles, some from shooting scenes, are set to go to auction on the Starcoll NFT marketplace, as a large collector leverages blockchain technology for one of the most storied movie franchises in history. Early Registration Timed for May The 4th (Be With You) In a growing sign of the times, non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become too attractive for even Star Wars collectors to ignore. As one of the more popular memorabilia and toy markets even before the rise of blockchain, the move by Starcoll to capitalize on the promise of blockchain technology for....