Bitcoin Lightning Network Reaches Record Capacity

Bitcoin Lightning Network Reaches Record Capacity

Bitcoin’s second layer payment protocol Lightning Network has been expanding unnoticed by most users. First proposed in 2015 and launched in 2018 as a beta, its adoption and capacity have accelerated during the past few months. The Lightning Network allows users to send fast and low-cost transactions via payment channels. Unlike the Bitcoin-based layer, lightning […]

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How Big Is Bitcoin’s Lightning Network? The Answer Will Surprise You

The Lightning Network is one of the most bullish developments that the Bitcoin ecosystem has seen so far. And all the available metrics point up, a healthy and vibrant network is brewing. However, investor Kevin Rooke took a deeper look and found out that the Lightning Network is probably even bigger than previously thought. “Inaccurate comparisons and privacy preserving features make it hard to truly understand how big the Lightning Network is.” Related Reading | Bitcoin Lightning Network Reaches Record Capacity What does Rooke mean by that? Let’s find out. The Lightning Network By....

Bitcoin Shocker: Lightning Network Capacity Reaches 5,000 BTC

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has marked another tremendous milestone. The total public capacity had surpassed more than 5,000 BTC for the first time in history, continuing along with the growing trend of 2022. This new milestone pushes further the capability and promise of the Bitcoin Lightning network. Just like always, there was a reason behind the big push. Bitcoin Development Ramping Up The continuous development of the bitcoin network has been a big part of why the digital asset remains so valuable today. Being the largest decentralized network in the space, there are always....

Bitcoin Lightning nodes and channels hit record highs

The number of Lightning Network nodes has increased 160% over the past 12 months while the number of channels is up 170% since January. The node count for Bitcoin’s leading layer-two solution, the Lightning Network (LN), has spiked to record levels following a surge of adoption.According to on-chain analytics provider Glassnode’s Sept. 27 Week on-Chain report, the number of Lightning Network nodes increased by 160% during September to tag a record high of 15,600. At the end of August, just 6,000 LN nodes were live.The number of channels, or connections between different nodes, on the LN....

Shock And Awe: Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Reaches New ATH

The adoption of the bitcoin lightning network has been on the rise for a while now. This was especially pronounced during the multiple bull rallies of 2021. It triggered an accelerated rate of adoption. Thus leading to network congestion due to all of the new users moving in. Naturally, transaction fees had risen while confirmation […]

4 Reasons Why The Bitcoin Lightning Network Will Continue To Grow

The Bitcoin second layer payment protocol Lightning Network has been exponentially increasing its capacity during the past years. Since it was launched in 2018, the network’s capacity has gone from under 1,000 BTC to 1,800 BTC. The Lightning Network was first proposed in 2015 and operates with payment channels to allow users to send and […]