Deloitte Predicts That Sports NFT Sales Will Double In 2022

Deloitte Predicts That Sports NFT Sales Will Double In 2022

We have seen non-fungible tokens (NFTs) make big moves in the sports industry this year. And multinational professional services network Deloitte has said that sports NFTs are not going anywhere. According to predictions that the consulting giant released on Wednesday, sports-related NFTs will account for more than $2 billion in transactions next year. This amount […]

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Crypto Corner: The Sports Slice

You might call Floki Inu a meme-coin, but the token secured a major sponsorship over the past week that will put the blockchain’s logo in front of quite a few eyeballs. Powerhouse consulting firm Deloitte has something to say about sports NFTs as we look towards a new year. Meanwhile, one sports executive thinks that […]

Deloitte Imagines Bitcoin Betting in Stadiums of the Future

A new paper from Deloitte re-imagines the sports stadium concept in light of a number of developing technologies. Notably, Deloitte gives the example of a fantasy sports-style interaction — a "game within the game" — where bets are placed using bitcoin "on in-game events, or use stadium-provided technology for other micro-transactions". The consultancy sees the sports stadium experience as one ripe for technological innovation, building on what's already taking place on the court or field. The paper explains: "While a team is focused on delivering the best possible....

Deloitte: Blockchain Systems Could Rival ACH Network By 2025

A new report by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services predicts that permissioned blockchain payment systems will see “significant transaction volume” by 2020. Such systems, the report said, could reach the scale of the ACH network, which processes 23 billion transactions annually, by 2025. Elsewhere, it projects that bitcoin and digital currencies will go mainstream, but that many alternative cryptocurrencies would likely vanish or be replaced by “state-sponsored” digital currencies. Deloitte's findings come as part of a broader report assessing how disruptive forces are expected to....

Deloitte Opens its Blockchain Lab in Dublin

Services giant Deloitte, one of the so-called ‘Big Four” accounting firms in the world has officially opened a new blockchain lab in Dublin, established to cater the clients in Europe and the Middle East. Announced yesterday, the new EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa) blockchain lab is based in Dublin’s “Silicon Docks” district, a neighborhood that is home to a number of technology and Fintech startups as well as industry giants like Google and Facebook. The firm’s existing blockchain team of 25 developers and designers based at Deloitte Ireland HQ in Dublin will move to the new....

Deloitte: Bitcoin Could Revolutionize Stadium Experience

The basic design of sports stadiums has not changed for centuries – a game in the center with stands surrounding it. Deloitte believes that with changes in customer preferences, the sports industry is moving towards a new model in which technology, including Bitcoin, will play an important role. Changing Customer Experience. Traditionally, the best seats at the stadium were the ones that offered a ringside view of the sports action. However, stadiums are changing to engage visitors by using technology and encouraging them to shape their own experience. Strong technology foundation can....