Move-to-earn: An active play-to-earn offshoot

Move-to-earn: An active play-to-earn offshoot

Does it look like the move-to-earn games are the next big thing in the gaming sector? Genopets and Dustland Runner, STEPN and others are making moves to make it happen. Play-to-earn (P2E) games continue to dominate the crypto industry as more than half of the active wallets tracked by Dappradar have connected to blockchain-based games in the first quarter of 2022. Games like Axie Infinity — even with last month’s catastrophic Ronin bridge hack — Pegaxy, Alien Worlds and others continue to put up millions of dollars in trading volume in the previous 30 days. Despite this, the....

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There is a change happening in blockchain gaming. After its astronomical rise over the course of the past year, many successful games are trying to address concerns about sustainability by focusing more on gameplay, graphics, and storytelling in order to retain players. This shift from Play-to-Earn to Play-and-Earn shows the maturing of blockchain gaming after […]

Play-to-Earn vs. Move-to-Earn explained

The key differences between play-to-earn and move-to-earn explained. Are you ready to earn money while you play and move? P2E vs. M2E GamesThe key differences between P2E and M2E are the rewarding system and the revenue model. As you can tell, there are some differences between the P2E model and the M2E model. Both of them are so much more than virtual gaming, that’s for sure. P2E is expected to transform from a trend to a mature concept. The gaming industry is exciting, but it should not be forgotten that relaxation and community engagement should remain central. Real gamers care more....

Play-to-Earn Gaming Sweeps the Crypto Space

Play-to-Earn games have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The gaming community got hooked to it primarily due to the thrill associated with the games and the lucrative awards. If you look at the recent figures, some of the popular titles have more than 1 million active users. Every game, genre, niche, and the whole Play-to-Earn gaming space has a community around it, with members actively interacting and, in some cases, promoting the game on various social media platforms. Word-of-mouth promotion seemed to have worked well for these. What are Play-to-Earn games in the true....

How OpiPets Is Changing The Play-To-Earn Environment

We’re now into just the second year of play-to-earn prevalence, and while there is still a long journey towards market maturity for NFTs, blockchain technology, and P2E platforms, there is still plenty to takeaway in the brief time that the market has evolved. Play-to-earn atmospheres have proven that the way we engage with gaming titles, […]

BeaRex Launches the World-First Play-And-Earn Game Based on Instagram AR Mask

BeaRex, the first blockchain-based Play-and-Earn runner, announces the launch of its beta version of an Instagram AR Mask game that will make it even more exciting and engaging in its bright universe. BeaRex redefines the Play-and-Earn gaming category by bringing together Free2Play / Play2Earn gamers and NFT investors into one collaborative ecosystem. Play-and-Earn is a […]