Bitcoin 2022 Recap, GA Day 1. Afternoon: Thiel, Salinas, Keiser, Mallers & More

Bitcoin 2022 Recap, GA Day 1. Afternoon: Thiel, Salinas, Keiser, Mallers & More

It’s time for another Bitcoin 2022 recap. That fateful afternoon, What Bitcoin Did’s Peter McCormack hosted. It contains the most talked-about panels and keynotes. We have the perspective of two billionaires, refugees, activists, a loudmouth journalist that may be a billionaire, and the Podcasting 2.0 pioneer. On top of that, the Jack Mallers’ announcement that […]

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Ricardo Salinas’ BTC Masterclass, Part 2: Sound Money System + Keiser & Herbert

As Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas continues to explain bitcoin from the private jet perspective, Bitcoinist’s companion piece to the interview continues the job we started here. Or, it might even have been here. This time, Salinas and journalists and podcasters Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert go even further into the bitcoin rabbit hole. From here, […]

Bitcoin 2022: Thiel calls Buffett 'sociopathic', Mexican billionaire has 60% ...

The Bitcoin 2022 conference was packed with new announcements, however Peter Thiel stole the show by throwing $100 bills into the crowd and calling Warren Buffet a “sociopathic grandpa.” Day two of the Bitcoin 2022 in Miami was as colorful as we’ve come to expect, with Pay-Pal co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel offering up his Bitcoin “enemies list” while Mexico’s third-richest man, Ricardo Salinas revealed he has 60% of his portfolio in Bitcoin. Thiel, one of the keynote speakers, took to the main Nakamoto stage of the conference in the early afternoon and kicked the speech off....

Bitcoin 2022 Recap, GA Day 2. Afternoon: Peterson, Alden, Weinstein, Stark & ...

And here it is, the bitter end of the Bitcoin 2022 coverage. As we said in the previous post, that faithful afternoon was disappointing, to say the least. The conference’s organizers took their shot with big-name guests from the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web” and they missed. Both Jordan Peterson and Eric Weinstein misunderstood the assignment […]

Ricardo Salinas’ Bitcoin Masterclass, Pt 3: Understand Both – w/ Keiser & Her...

Welcome to the last installment of Ricardo Salinas’ Bitcoin Masterclass. The billionaire and his two hosts already discussed the fiat fraud and sound money, but they have yet to bring it all together so you can “understand both.” In this episode, it all comes full circle. Keiser and Herbert get Ricardo Salinas to share some […]

Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Visits El Salvador, Meets With Nayib Bukele

Emerging as one of the biggest bitcoin supporters out there, Ricardo Salinas made the pilgrimage to El Salvador. The billionaire took journalists Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on a private plane to the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. There, he met with President Bukele, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao, and Samson Mow among […]