NFTs Will Emerge Stronger After The Bubble Bursts

NFTs Will Emerge Stronger After The Bubble Bursts

Peter Wood, the CEO of up-and-coming UK exchange CoinBurp, believes NFTs are caught in a bubble that will eventually pop. However, Wood says that much like cryptocurrencies consolidated through crypto winter to emerge stronger, so will NFTs after the pop. Signs of Digital Art NFTs Cooling Following the record-breaking $69.3mn sale of Beeple’s The First […]

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NFTs are all the rage at the moment. At the same time, some, including Mike Winklemann, AKA Beeple, have described the situation as a bubble. “I absolutely think it’s a bubble, to be quite honest. I go back to the analogy of the beginning of the internet. There was a bubble. And the bubble burst.” […]

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Is the NFT buzz coming back to earth? In a report this week from Protos, they claim that “the NFT market bubble has popped”. This led to a variety of major publications grabbing hold of the ‘NFT’s are declining’ narrative. Nonetheless, substantial new projects in the space continue to emerge. Let’s take a look at […]

Price analysis 12/2: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, LINK, DOT, ADA, BNB, XLM

Bitcoin reclaimed the $19,000 level, but charts suggest BTC and altcoins may consolidate for a few days before starting the next trending move. Bitcoin price hit a new all-time high above $19,892 on Dec. 1. This is a significant event because it proves that the rally in 2017 was ahead of fundamentals but not a bubble. Generally, when a bubble bursts, it takes several years for the price to cross the high made during the bubble. For example, the Japanese stock market bubble came after a high was made way back in 1989, and that level has not been conquered yet. Similarly, silver’s high close....

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NYT likens the NFT bubble to the plague induced “tulip mania” of the 1600s, Polkamon NFTs generate more than $1 million in gas fees, and a man fails to sell 50% of a house as an NFT Having just flogged an NFT column for half a million dollars, the New York Times is now wondering if perhaps the whole scene is in a bit of a bubble?In a March 30 article, Art’s NFT Question: Next Frontier in Trading, or a New Form of Tulip? author Scott Reyburn questioned the sustainability of the current NFT bubble in prices and drew comparisons with the Dutch “tulip mania” of the 1630s. Tulip mania for....

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NFT games continue to emerge as a hot topic in crypto. One upcoming game that’s been on our radar here at Bitcoinist is Crypto Fight Club (CFC), an NFT-driven boxing style game. Play-to-earn NFTs are one of the hottest discussions around NFTs, and CFC looks to enter the market with a fresh take. Let’s take […]