Are Institutions Already Over The Bitcoin Digital Gold Narrative?

Are Institutions Already Over The Bitcoin Digital Gold Narrative?

Bitcoin trades at $36,786 and records profits in the 7-day chart, after two consecutive weeks of losses. In the 30-day chart, BTC still has a 32.3% loss. The price action painfully moves higher in the current range, but without conviction from the bulls. The crypto market seems to be stagnated after BTC’s price crash. The […]

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Chart Comparison Demonstrates Effectiveness Of Bitcoin Digital Gold Narrative

2020 was the year of the digital gold narrative amid a pandemic and unprecedented money printing. In 2021, only Bitcoin matters and comparing it to gold at this point is selling the coin short. Now is the age of cryptocurrency, and no comparison shows that better than the two charts you are about to see […]

Why A Reversal In Gold Could Tarnish Recent Bitcoin Narrative

The last year in finance has been all about Bitcoin. The digital gold narrative arrived at the perfect time, amidst a perfect storm of stimulus money, irrational exuberance in the stock market, and more. The forecast is starting to change for gold, however, just as the top cryptocurrency is struggling to maintain its market structure […]

Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold At An “Accelerating Pace”

The narrative taking place across the finance industry, is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the way of the future and gold’s days are numbered as a store of value. While the “digital gold narrative” has already taken a major dent out of the precious metal’s momentum, according to a top Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, “most indicators point to” Bitcoin replacing the aging asset an an “accelerating pace.” Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold As “Store Of […]

Self-Proclaimed Contrarian Investor Bashes Bitcoin Digital Gold Narrative

Bitcoin has become extremely popular in 2020, on the back of the store of value, safe haven asset, and digital gold narratives. The digital gold story has taken center stage recently, as the precious metal’s bullish momentum fizzled out and the cryptocurrency market took off. But one self-proclaimed contrarian investor with a focus on bullion, […]

Gold Rebounds More Than 15% Against Bitcoin In Crypto “Hash Crash”

For nearly a year now, the digital gold narrative has been a smash hit. It has prompted a tidal wave of capital from the gold market to enter Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But over the weekend, the crypto market “hash crash” caused the precious metal to rebound by 17% against Bitcoin. In the past, reversals […]