Bitcoin Recovery Wades Off Celsius Liquidation, But For How Long?

Bitcoin Recovery Wades Off Celsius Liquidation, But For How Long?

The price of bitcoin has made a remarkable recovery above $20,000 after a brutal week riddled with crashes. These dips had driven decentralized finance (DeF)/ lending protocol Celsius, to the brink of liquidation. However, as the price has recovered, the platform is once again able to hold out for longer as its liquidation point is now a bit further away. The question remains if the recovery will hold and if Celsius will be able to avoid liquidation. Liquidation Price Pushed Back With the price of bitcoin above $20,000, the liquidation price of Celsius is now a little bit distant. This has....

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Bitcoin Miner Liquidations Threaten Bitcoin’s Recovery

Bitcoin mining profitability has been dropping along with the market decline. The cash flow from the mining rigs has become increasingly stunted over time, causing bitcoin miners to begin selling their holdings to cover the cost of their operations. But even as this rages on, there is a bigger issue that could threaten the recovery that BTC has made so far, which is the fact that larger miners may be forced to liquidate their holdings. Bitcoin Miners Can’t Meet Up Usually, bitcoin miners are known for holding the coins that they realize from their activities. Since miners are not buying....

Celsius Beats Down Liquidation Price With $120 Million In Loan Repayments

Celsius has been at the center of most crypto controversies in the last month. The lending platform had had to pause withdrawals, transfers, and swaps on its platform, citing extreme market conditions as the reason, but that was only the beginning of its troubles. However, Celsius looks to be taking it on the chin because contrary to what others have done, the platform has made moves to pay down its debts and has now beaten down its liquidation price by more than 200%. Celsius Pays $120 Million In Loans The beginning of the week came with good news for the Celsius lending platform which....

Crypto Lending Platform Celsius Discloses A New Recovery Plan

Crypto lending platform Celsius Network had filed for bankruptcy on July 13. A month prior to that the crypto lender had ceased withdrawals along with transfers from accounts. Celsius representatives appeared in court which is in relation to the company’s bankruptcy hearing. It has now disclosed through a presentation what its next step towards recovery […]

Celsius Network Pays Down Its Aave Debt, Here’s How Much It Still Owes

Celsius Network has been aggressively paying down all of its debt since it first stopped withdrawals, swaps, and transfers on its platform. The lending platform had loans spread across various protocols, some of which were dangerously close to being liquidated. However, Celsius had paid off its debts, pushing the liquidation price further down each time […]

Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Launch Date Set, Time To Buy The News?

The highly anticipated Vasil Hard Fork on the Cardano network has been rescheduled. The hard fork was expected to push forward work that had been done on the network over the last couple of years. Due to this, the news of the June 29th launch had sparked a lot of enthusiasm for the network and had seen the price of its native token, ADA, surge. Now, with the delay, investors have had to reassess their stance and strategy when it comes to Cardano. When Is Vasil Hard Fork Launching? According to a blog post from IOG, the developer behind Cardano, the launch date for the Vasil Hard Fork had....