Chainlink releases new whitepaper in a shift toward smart contract computations

Chainlink releases new whitepaper in a shift toward smart contract computations

In its new vision, Chainlink would allow anyone to deploy an arbitrary executable on its network. Chainlink (LINK) has unveiled its new whitepaper on Thursday, which details a planned expansion and pivot into creating oracle networks for computation. The proposal would see Chainlink generalize its oracle network into a “meta layer” of Decentralized Oracle Networks, or DONs.The new architecture supports a larger selection of use cases, expanding its suite of services to off-chain computation of data. In Chainlink’s vision, these computational oracles would create a class of “hybrid smart....

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Chainlink the Whitepaper for its second iteration. Chainlink 2.0 has been created to allegedly take the “next steps in the evolution of decentralized oracle networks”. With one of the most used applications in DeFi, these protocols need oracles to feed them with off-chain information. In the new iteration, Chainlink could go beyond, as the document […]

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With contributions from Zerado, FinTech Network have produced a whitepaper that looks at smart contracts and how they could improve efficiencies within the banking sector. The whitepaper highlights: How smart contracts aim to provide security that is superior to traditional contract law and ways they can reduce other transactional and administrative costs. The workings of Ethereum as one of the best examples of smart contracts in practice. Ways that smart contracts could benefit areas such as mortgages, clearing and settlement, KYC & bonds. How challenges with conceptual misalignment,....

Chainlink launches data oracles on Arbitrum One's Ethereum scaling solution

Chainlink’s data oracles are now live on Arbitrum One, with the team also planning to soon launch its Proof of Reserve and Verifiable Random Function on the layer-two. Leading data oracle provider Chainlink has announced its successful launch on Arbitrum One — the beta mainnet deployment of layer-two Ethereum scaling solution, Arbitrum.Announced August 12, the launch will allow developers building on Arbitrum One to access financial market data directly on-chain, providing enhanced functionality to decentralized exchanges, algorithmic stablecoins and other advanced DeFi products on the....

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Chainlink’s total value secured surpasses $75B as DeFi continues to surge

The oracle network’s exponential growth has been tied to the emergence of DeFi. Co-founder Sergey Nazarov said Chainlink is also powering metaverses. The total value secured by the Chainlink network has officially surpassed $75 billion, marking a new milestone for the decentralized oracle solution that has become synonymous with price data services for the rapidly growing DeFi sector. With the milestone, Chainlink has become “one of the most value securing forms of decentralized consensus on the planet,” according to protocol co-founder Sergey Nazarov. Chainlink is also one of the....