Bitcoin Gets Backing From US Pres’l Candidate, Says Crypto Supports Civil Rights

Bitcoin Gets Backing From US Pres’l Candidate, Says Crypto Supports Civil Rights

US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has emerged as a fervent advocate for Bitcoin, elevating the cryptocurrency into the realm of civil liberties. Characterizing himself as a “lifelong defender of civil liberties,” Kennedy passionately endorsed the crypto as a manifestation of the very freedoms he holds dear.  With the impending presidential election looming, Kennedy […]

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New Chinese Civil Law Draft Classifies Bitcoin as Property

China may soon have a set of laws offering legal status to Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the country. The laws offering rights to virtual property and data is part of the recently released draft of the People’s Republic of China General Principles of Civil Law. According to reports, the new draft law was created as part of the recent Conference of the NPC Standing Committee. The draft is created keeping the changing global economic landscape in mind. It is said to consider virtual networks, data, and information as properties almost on par with physical and financial assets,....

Bitcoin: Money as a Bill of Rights?

In 1999, the Chicago economist Milton Friedman predicted the rise of bitcoin as a currency. He told an interviewer, “The Internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that is missing, but will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash: a method by which on the Internet you can transfer funds from an A to....

Evolution, Not Revolution: How to Sell Bitcoin to Regulators

Amor Sexton is a consultant and lawyer at Adroit Lawyers, Australia's first specialist digital currency legal practice. She advises digital currency businesses and has worked with bitcoin industry bodies to clarify the regulatory framework in Australia. In a recent article, Jon Matonis stated that "bitcoin requires forceful and aggressive legal defense, not complicity with governments in crafting policy and regulations". The current global political climate has resulted in the development of laws that are increasingly pervasive and intrusive on the rights of private individuals. In many....

China’s Proposed New Law Recognizes Bitcoin as ‘People’s Rights’

Virtual properties and data, including digital currencies, could be officially “People’s Rights” in China, following the publication of a new Civil Code General Provisions Draft. This gives citizens greater legal protection over non-physical property. ‘Civil Rights Objects’. If the law is passed, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, online gaming tokens....