Razor Network Raises $3.7M to Prove There’s Room for More Oracles in DeFi

Razor Network Raises $3.7M to Prove There’s Room for More Oracles in DeFi

Razor Network raised $3.7 million in seed funding from NGC Ventures, Alameda Research and Mariano Conti, the former oracles chief at MakerDAO.

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Razor: A coin with TOR anonymity

The first thing you need to know when speaking of Razor is what exactly TOR is. TOR is a software that enables online anonymity to hide a user’s location in anything concerning internet traffic. Mainly, TOR makes it harder for network activity to be tracked back to the user of the TOR network. You can find more information regarding TOR here. Back to the coin itself, Razor has a total coin amount of 2 million, and it is fully PoW running on the scrypt algorithm. The implementation of TOR in Razor is a great one to say the least as many coins have made a push in order to achieve anonymity.....

Kylin Launches Oracles to Protect DeFi Against Financial Data Manipulation

Kylin Network, a platform developing a cross-chain data infrastructure and the Data Economy 3.0, announced the release of decentralized oracles as part of the first applications of its technology for providing the DeFi market with an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective source of external information.  The oracles developed by the Kylin Network can remove the risks of cryptocurrency price manipulations or inaccurate data by directly connecting to several reliable sources at once, verifying the information received […]

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Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov explains why a decentralized oracle network is needed to ensure trust in the DeFi ecosystem. Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov believes that increasing the decentralization and scalability of oracle technologies are key to ensure trust in the DeFi ecosystem. Oracles play a key role in the correct functioning of DeFI protocols by connecting them to real-world data. However, the trustworthiness of oracles becomes compromised in instances where they rely on a single data source to retrieve information. For instance, according to Nazarov, excessively....

Chainlink surpasses Bitcoin Cash making LINK the 8th largest cryptocurrency

The market capitalization of Chainlink has surpassed Bitcoin Cash, as the DeFi market continues to prosper with TVL exceeding $24 billion. Chainlink (LINK), the oracle-focused blockchain protocol, surpassed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to become the eighth-biggest cryptocurrency as of Jan. 18.The market capitalization of Chainlink now hovers at $9 billion and roughly $500 million away from the next biggest crypto asset, Litecoin (LTC).LINKUSDT 1-day price chart (Binance). Source: TradingView.comWhy is Chainlink surging so rapidly?The price of Chainlink rose by 13% in the last 24 hours and the....

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The DeFi sector is booming but the future of the sector depends on oracles, here are some of the top contenders. To the observant cryptocurrency enthusiast, the sight of multiple large-cap tokens more than tripling their value since November 2020 is a healthy sign that a bull market cycle is underway. Aside from a breakout in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and altcoins, every bull market in the crypto sector is defined by one or two key themes that emerge as the driving force of market enthusiasm. In 2016-2017 there were ICOs, the growing popularity of collectibles like....